Pygame: Python Gets Pretty

I have been using pygame for a while, but, noticed that the documentation is… difficult to read, and most example programs are full of mistakes. It has thus been a bit of a frustrating time, learning how to use pygame, even though I was previously using the SDL.

It is not a bad hobby, to play with python. It has some quirks and thus sucks a lot of time unnecessarily, but it sucks less than many other things. Since it changes rapidly, though, there is now a split between the stable 2.7.x series and the evolving 3.x.x series.

Creating something which is efficient for you is an individual quest, although you could perhaps make it into a tool, in today’s era of shifting sands (platforms which discourage long term thinking) this seems counter-productive.

Nonetheless, emulation will allow you to carry forwards old value, so do not worry much about those shifting sands, I suppose.

There is not such thing as a free lunch, although we all have many gifts and supernal abundance from nature and beyond the common spheres.


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