Druggle (a special type of poetry)

There is a truth that cannot be told, but by metaphor and story, this truth is hidden in plain sight.

The craft of transmitting information is generally known as indoctrination, but the process of allowing an individual to generate their own information is generally known as education. Except neither is really one-sided.

The Hierophant who has lost respect for his students, for the spirit of truth, for the joy of esoteric development and inner growth, is no better than a Devil. Holding his victims captive, he takes their golden moments of time and returns to them warped, corrupted copper and worthless, heavy lead.

The greatest teachers learn much more from their students, than what they teach, for each student teaches a little, learns a little. The teacher may have a hundred students, each of them having only one teacher.

With Druggle, I aim to get you high — not euphoric, but closer to insight — not my insight or doctrine, but the plane which is above the common plane, and sometimes even planes above the overlords and oversight of the creatures and beings of the heavens. To the edge of the mind, the apex of concepts, so that you can return with sufficient momentum to cast asunder the chains of rigid dogma, obsolete craft, and dangerous assumptions leading into destruction and poverty.

For what wealth is greater than the ability to fly?

5/1/0. 5*10.



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