Darker Eras of Greatness

[…] in an environment which is hostile to truth, most people who know the truth will simply become silent.

That is a quote from one of the publications which I am currently editing.

However, there is a state beyond silence: rebirth and leadership.

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Making Living Greater

This is an interesting video on “Basic Income, and other ways to fix capitalism“. (A TEDx Talk).

Now, there is a lot of “mainstream” focus on problems and anxiety-creating situations nowadays. They are also plenty of people working to make the world better, but you can and must choose to focus on some of them as well. Repairing the mainstream damage is a self-discipline which all true human beings must employ. It is hard, but it is worthwhile, and makes life easier by focusing on what you can do.

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Wide reading

Each of these articles give a different perspective on things. I am sharing them because, although I didn’t write any of them, and am not endorsing them, they are each food for thought, and so you might find them more interesting. Also, later on, I might write about some of the issues brought up, but by then, hopefully from a perspective of more positive experience in addressing some of them.

  1. Universities, and the proposal for dual tracks. It focuses on universities, but neglects that, in wider society, there is an unmet demand for both vocational schools and vocational opportunities.
  2. Teaching Physics to the masses, a little bit deeper than NOVA.
  3. Stuff about Trump University. Links to a lot more stuff about it. What I take as a positive and possible warning, is that a bad product can sell if it is well promoted, and by contrast, good products can fail, and opportunities can be lost, if not explicit promotion of their greatness is done. This seems to be happening, in general, with further education (under-promotion of the better opportunities).
  4.  An in-depth analysis about some scary things, like the statistical danger of surgery on the wrong organ or side of the body. It is scary that the flavor of a soft drink is now very precisely controlled, but not life-altering surgery. There should be funding to fix this!

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(Reblogged) Writing Contest

From our friends at Anam Cara: Send us your funnies about writing, and win £150! Entries are now being accepted for the Verbolatry Laugh-a-Riot Contest. Humorous essays and cartoons about writing/publishing. Deadline 31 August 2016. Two categories, free and paid, with cash prizes and publication. Results announced October 2016. Sponsored by Anam Cara Writer’s and Artist’s Retreat. Details […]

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(Reblogged) – 9 Reasons We Rock!

“You are tough because you try not because you succeed” The toughest and strongest people I know are not those found in books or movies, they are not the people who win awards of bravery or gain public recognition for their perseverance. When I think of truly inspiring tough people, I think of people like you […]

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