False Faith

The power of “faith” is very strong, even if that faith is held in a false hope.

For example, if you think that you will get paid on Friday, and you work from Monday to Friday, but then your boss tells you “sorry, I’ll pay you Monday, instead…” then you worked for and by faith for the whole week, but that faith turned out to be based on a falsehood.

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You Can Thrive

This is a modified copy of another post, but I’ll explain the modifications in the postscript.

The world is full of suffering.
It is also filled with overcoming it.”
-Helen Keller

Keep Holding on! Stay Strong. You were meant to live your life your way.

Hold on because we only lose in life, if we lose ourselves.

If we don’t love ourselves, we won’t keep pushing to gain ourselves.

If we don’t keep pushing, we won’t continue to enjoy life now, nor will we enjoy the process of reaching our fulfillment.

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Predestination agreement ability

I mentioned something on twitter about “predestination agreement authority”, but there is no way I can give it justice in a few sentences. In fact, I am not sure I could do it justice in a trilogy of movies based on books which are all thick and well written.

However, I will try in this essay, because we have to start somewhere.

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Factory based anti-humanity


This was an essay which I wrote after reading yet another rant about how the world is overpopulated. It is a bit hard to read, since I wrote it in one, emotional, sitting.

The world, itself, can support many more humans. However the systems of industry which are currently in effect may have to be modified, regardless of how much the world population varies.

The requires creating better systems: more complex, more harmonious with nature, rather than focusing on only one variable, such as carbon emissions or human bodies in animation. Humans and nature can live in mutual benefit, and mass support systems can be made in a sustainable manner, if that is what is intended.

However, if dehumanization (of all members of society), and distracting intellectuals with false dogmas is the intention, then keep on with the oversimplification.

Self Extermination

The problems with the biosphere on Earth, and environmental issues which affect large populations, are not due to the number of humans present on the planet, but rather, the type of factories which we use. Depopulation will not “save the Earth”, nor will “over population” threaten the Earth. Inappropriate use of human-made devices, driven by a very few, but affecting very many, is the actual core problem.

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One Click is Not Enough

The Joy of Thinking

I just spend what feels like seven thousand years[1], and should be counted as a full Swedish work day, making sure that the Fifth Edition of The Joy of Thinking, Part 1 : Beyond Bullshit, Ebook special published variant, is now (or soon) available for sale for like $4.**, so you can hope over and impulse-buy it form lulu now or other places later.

Beyond Bullshit,

Putting aside the Fifth Edition….

However, you don’t come to my blog to buy with money, only with time and attention anything (but you should really check it out), so I’ll tell you a brief story (which has nothing to do with Sweden).

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Beyond Bullshit … Third Edition…

As a fan of long titles, I’m glad to announce “Beyond Bullshit: The Joy of Thinking, Part 1” by Kentaro Kandle, published by Dhyvd David King, is now available at the Lulu store (right here). Updates: PDF of Fourth Edition is available as well, also from Lulu. Fifth Edition ebook is available via Lulu also.

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