Public Mythic Details

Age: 21+, but I haven’t really aged so I look like 17. Perhaps, I play a lot, keeping myself young and full of vitality.

Please stop asking me my exact age, it is just a number, so choose one you like or something.

Birthday: Don’t celebrate it…

Gender: Male


I got tired of pretending to be a normal human guy, so I created this complicated mythology which rewrites the history of the world… however, I have yet to write it down, and telling it to anyone is impractical since it is so excessively long.

Since I also wish to publish things, I started writing, for practice.

Eh, so, yeah, I’m a calculated type of weird, as opposed to a reactive type of weird… that is, I’m not weird just as a response to the “pressures of society” or whatever else is driving so many people crazy; I actually thought about being conformant and decided that it would be too soul-crushing to live my life according to a particular profile.

Nonetheless, I pride myself as a professional (when I’m working) and enjoy working within “difficult” environments, and even if there is little space for creativity (e.g. data entry), once I’m getting paid, and can work without excessive discomfort.

All, some, or none of this web-log or “blog” thingy… might be a myth, but I don’t know in advance what ratio, since currently, I’m just testing it out now and again.


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