The Venture Bank

In my previous post, I mentioned that you should save your money in a credit union, rather than a bank. This is because of several factors, but mostly, because savings and loan banks were actually designed to transfer value from the middle class to the rich, in order to deplete the capability of the middle class to reform societies from imperialism into profitable capitalism.

Thus, a double-speak was created which prevents those banks from acting with the sensitivity which one would find in a credit union. Credit unions are co-operatives which work with their members for mutual benefit.

However, the savings and loan banks are properly called grab and steal scams. Their intention is to grab your money, then steal your land, and other assets. They do this by pretending that what you need to gain these things is a loan, but what you actually need to gain these things is equity.

True corporations have limited liability, artificial rights, and equity. A single human can own a trans-corporation, but a human can never become a corporation.

Humans have access to assets, and the risk of unlimited personal debts, but no rights to protect their own assets against the whims of the formal system.

Since most people do not own personal corporations, they cannot participate in the complex fiscal system which is falsely labeled as an “economy”.

A simple reform of savings and loan banks is possible, but the political will to do so has to be generated before the reform from ignorant doctrine to enlightened discussion, and thus, development of alternative systems which serve society, rather than express fears of long dead aristocrats.

In cases where nations pursue national development wholeheartedly, the banking systems act to support these drives, partly by being backed up by central bank guarantees… however, the default option is still to “have” a job, rather than to enjoy the business of managing a corporation.

The educational and entertainment systems at all levels would have to focus on the glory of personal corporations as a part of the method of living within modern society. Instead, they focus on redefining human beings as human cattle, following an “identity” or group, on the one hand.

Although it has become the norm to steal legally, kill hope, and destroy dreams, the possibility to build is also found in every modern society.

Drafted 18th April, 2017 — in parallel with the “learning accounting balancing action”.

Second part would actually describe a “venture bank”.


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