False Faith

The power of “faith” is very strong, even if that faith is held in a false hope.

For example, if you think that you will get paid on Friday, and you work from Monday to Friday, but then your boss tells you “sorry, I’ll pay you Monday, instead…” then you worked for and by faith for the whole week, but that faith turned out to be based on a falsehood.

In that situation, many people “double down” and keep working until the boss can pay the money. Most have no safety net that allows them to choose another job in the short term, or to speak their mind to the boss and risk losing the job.

The power of faith, however, is also what makes one piece of paper worth the same as fifty other pieces of paper, just because of the numbers printed on the bank notes.

The problem with the “developed” world is not that we have electricity, cars, and factories. The problem is that we have lost the ability to put life above industry, and thus, find a way for industry to serve life, rather than threaten it. This is not a wide-scale problem, although it would be easy to blame heavy industry (and they can be problems with some specific industrial processes), but rather, a personal problem which is amplified and maintained by ideologies.

In other words, on a personal level, we can overcome these problems. It is not in the control of “the system”. The system may have an intention and drive us in a particular way, but we do not have to accept it, especially if we access the parts of the system which are meant to gain growth.

People live by faith, and in many cases, what seems reasonable, turns out to be a lie, an oversimplification, or a distraction from being fully human.

This is the core of many long-term health problems, because blind faith in a treatment protocol removes the natural ability to heal, to grow, and people drop further into decay, rather than learning how to heal and recover.

What is worse: treatment can damage you more, aiming to create compliance rather than completeness. A complete person is compatible with society, but not necessarily compliant with the main stream path.

If we have blind faith in medicines and doctors, the we might never develop our natural abilities to heal and defend ourselves. That is not to say to avoid doctors, anymore than we should avoid gainful work. It is just to say, that we should work with doctors to heal and with the best wisdom to grow.

In a simple model, when we wake up physically, we have the first consciousness, which is usually depleted in paying attention to the distractions of the physical world. If we learn how to cultivate awareness, then we can create the second consciousness, the ability to heal and defend, and the third consciousness, which allows us to  grow and create.

So, to do that, they are lots of wellness-based clinic and systems, nowadays.

Perhaps, not nearly enough, but at the very least we can all work on our own wellness, rather than working to comply with the main stream which leads to destruction, based on false faith, rather than a combination of evidence, hope, and yes, faith, but tempered by awareness, and enhanced by an aspiration to grow in wholeness.

Some relevant links for growing health:

  1. Take These Broken Wings“: Recovery … without medication. This is the official site, which has links to [ the commercial release ]. However, at that link, the maker also explains why they put it on YouTube so that it can be watched for free, as well.
  2. Another reference to that movie.
  3. A good article about humanity and the integrated nature of compassion.


However, my focus is on a different type of false faith, which is a faith that the common economic systems and fiscal strategies will be enough. This is nothing to do with personal health, but rather, goes for expanding your professional development, growing the things which you can afford to access through the benefits of living in the modern world, by making an honest and profitable living.

That will come in other articles, however. I do think that the world is full of too much suffering, so if you can gain something from those link, especially a better view of health, then that is great.

Do not discard them if you are perfectly healthy… just as having extra money in the bank helps if your boss cannot afford to pay you, knowing more about health and recovery helps if you, or someone you love, encounters challenges.

First Draft: Monday, 13th March, 2017.



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