You Can Thrive

This is a modified copy of another post, but I’ll explain the modifications in the postscript.

The world is full of suffering.
It is also filled with overcoming it.”
-Helen Keller

Keep Holding on! Stay Strong. You were meant to live your life your way.

Hold on because we only lose in life, if we lose ourselves.

If we don’t love ourselves, we won’t keep pushing to gain ourselves.

If we don’t keep pushing, we won’t continue to enjoy life now, nor will we enjoy the process of reaching our fulfillment.

If we don’t appreciate how wonderful life can be on the other side of what we’re going through, we will “stop halfway”. This will create much more problems for ourselves.

You are meant to live this life the way you want to live.

There are many impositions, but no mistakes, only lessons. You need to reflect and reveal the lessons in what appear to be mistakes.

To give away your power to circumstances, is to focus on the wrong aspect of the situation. We can thrive, both within and without, but finding the revelation, and amplifying it into constructive wisdom. 

No one is exempt, no matter what their life looks like, or what story they tell you. Every life is mix of treasures and traumas. By persevering, speaking lovingly to yourself when the going gets rough, and assuming the best, you will make it to the other side.

Just like all the cells in you and around you, things are constantly moving and shifting. Some of those things are malicious, just as some of the cells are pathogens. Yet, your are alive because the body focuses on life, rather than problems. You will live better as you achieve the same attitude. 

Whatever you feel at this moment won’t last. It can’t. That’s what makes life so interesting and bittersweet. By embracing the vicissitudes of life with compassion for yourself and others, you allow yourself to fully experience whatever is happening to you right now.

In rejecting the problems, do not give them the power to make you, also, reject yourself. In accepting the facts, do not let them become the truth of who you are. You are not your circumstances, pains, or problems. You are the human being above them.

Yes, this is also known as mindfulness, acceptance, and liberation.


They are many impositions which cannot be realistically overcome.

We can adapt to them. We cannot allow them to define us.

We can often recover from some or all of the effects of them.

For example, losing a physical part of your body.

So, I modified the text, considering those things in mind… the source might be simpler, and easier to use for “self-hypnosis”, but we want to have a strategy which can work with all of the circumstances which you may experience as a human.

We do not believe that life is set up with a master program to teach us lessons. Society is unfair.

Rather, if we take the time to learn lessons (of empowerment now, and towards the future), rather than blame circumstances, or collapse into lesser versions of ourselves, then we will keep gaining skills, and thus increase the chance of not only making better choices, but, rather, forming or maintaining a coherent mind which is purposeful, and thus, powerful.

The fact that life has no plan, means that you need to have a plan for you life, and to engage in frequent planning to update your designs.

However, just as natural processes recycle waste, they are processes which aid evolution. Evolution, at least within the span of a human life, works with those who work to evolve.

Choosing to rise is easy, but fitting such a decision into mainstream language is hard. Maintaining that attitude becomes difficult due to social pressures, thus the actual choice requires moment to moment renewal.

That is the one great, continual lesson of life: to be true to your own self.

Not your pain, circumstance, problems, or clutter. Just your own self.



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