Making Living Greater

This is an interesting video on “Basic Income, and other ways to fix capitalism“. (A TEDx Talk).

Now, there is a lot of “mainstream” focus on problems and anxiety-creating situations nowadays. They are also plenty of people working to make the world better, but you can and must choose to focus on some of them as well. Repairing the mainstream damage is a self-discipline which all true human beings must employ. It is hard, but it is worthwhile, and makes life easier by focusing on what you can do.

This will help us all to impact at least one critical world better: the world within, the world of the soul (living mind, essential presence). However, even when out great intentions are misunderstood or ineffective, it will also help to shape the world for the better.

It may be intimidating to make major changes… I am struggling with that as well, but the more I focus on these things rather than the “mainstream” news, the more easier(*) it is for me to do both mundane and major tasks. So, I though I would share.

Also, my personal exposure to local news is usually enjoyable. CNN and such, however, I wish they wouldn’t include in their casts. Leave that for another time, just tell me the weather and such ;).

(*) “more easier” is bajan slang. By formal English definitions, it is incorrect, since both “more” and “easier” are comparative adjectives. The redundancy offends the theoretical Queen of English. However, I decided to leave it in, because they’re benefits to “thinking in bajan” rather than in English. In particular, the use of “more” in both places emphasizes the point, and there is some merit to thinking of language as part of the prosperity of living, rather than a way to communicate into a rigid aristocratic Empire.





2 thoughts on “Making Living Greater

  1. That’s the right idea. I’ve been practicing “making the world better” for many years. I don’t see it getting better but that’s not the point. It’s getting better for me – more sharing, less materialism, less stress, no worries.

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