Wide reading

Each of these articles give a different perspective on things. I am sharing them because, although I didn’t write any of them, and am not endorsing them, they are each food for thought, and so you might find them more interesting. Also, later on, I might write about some of the issues brought up, but by then, hopefully from a perspective of more positive experience in addressing some of them.

  1. Universities, and the proposal for dual tracks. It focuses on universities, but neglects that, in wider society, there is an unmet demand for both vocational schools and vocational opportunities.
  2. Teaching Physics to the masses, a little bit deeper than NOVA.
  3. Stuff about Trump University. Links to a lot more stuff about it. What I take as a positive and possible warning, is that a bad product can sell if it is well promoted, and by contrast, good products can fail, and opportunities can be lost, if not explicit promotion of their greatness is done. This seems to be happening, in general, with further education (under-promotion of the better opportunities).
  4.  An in-depth analysis about some scary things, like the statistical danger of surgery on the wrong organ or side of the body. It is scary that the flavor of a soft drink is now very precisely controlled, but not life-altering surgery. There should be funding to fix this!

  1. Global warming, caused by a method of industry which is not balanced. Hey, there is an alternative way of doing industry, but I don’t have that in recent links. {Note to self: link some examples later}. We don’t really need to reduce industry or tax carbon, we can design better manufacturing systems instead, in general. It is done in (some places near) Hong Kong, for example. I won’t blame all humans for this, only some.
  2. Developing a short-term plan into a medium-term project. Although, my take on it: you need basic “stabilization time” in order to do that. This is not actually afforded to everyone.
  3. The rise of the chaotic tech mafia, which is something I will get to sooner (the problems with calling them “startups”).
  4. Something to life your mood: Lifting The Sky exercise.
  5. The focus on research hampers teaching, although it begs the question of why not make teaching purely commercial? More development is needed in general, and perhaps more focused searching in my specific case.

In general, a focus on product development should be at the forefront of the new educational institutions. Deep research has its place, but currently that place is “in the hands of the privileged”, rather than in pushing this research into the wider frame of humanity. Even basic options towards self-development are hidden from most people, by a neglect to promote. So, the actual promotion of self is one area that organizations can work on, but may not have the expertise or staff time to do so. In general, creating more business also creates not just practical prosperity, but also peace and stability. So, “we” should focus there, and even if the systems cannot be directly changed by us common persons, we should be able to focus on developing product rather than only improving scientific understanding. This goes beyond what we are taught, but we shouldn’t dwell too much on the system’s faults and not do enough to correct them in our own case.

This opinion, I will refine on another day… this isn’t meant to be the usual essay, just a set of links.



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