Harmony (Two Definitions)

Words can have different meanings, and this can cause a lot of problems. “Harmony” is one of the words which, I think, is often misunderstood.

One definition is close to self/ego-nullification, the other, is closer to internal balance, but it has major social benefits. In fact, it makes social interactions reliably brilliant.

The recent anime movie by that name (Harmony) suggests that harmony can be defined as a total elimination of ego, in order to create a lack of ego-based conflict. Conflicts still occur, but resentment and emotional trauma are impossible, even though physical trauma is still possible.

This relegated people to a state of conscious closer to (or perhaps even below) animals, where they attach no meaning to significant events.

Thus, they live only in the present moment, with neither the common concept of history nor any sense of individual identity.

The other definition of harmony, however, is when an individual or group achieves a balance of aspects, which facilities mutual respect. This second definition seems to be what some teachers are working on promoting through the development of useful skills for working with your own energy, primarily. This is also the only definition which I had used, before coming across that movie.

For example, this “Flowing Zen Chi Kung” article (no affiliation, I just direct people there rather than trying to explain Chi Kung myself, as I don’t work as an instructor but I do have some experience in the art) uses totally different words, and explains the “internal systematic balance” parts of harmony esp. from the perspective of how to achieve it withing that system.

For times when physical motion is limited or inappropriate, however, the meditative state which you will (hopefully) develop through whatever means (Chi Kung is just one option) needs to be called upon, and decisive action to focus on expressing one of the many positive emotions, or attitudes, is very useful, to maintain internal harmony but also, to protect against the destruction of self esteem.

Mutual respect is difficult to achieve, even when both people are working towards it.

However, in my experience, most people do not even consider working towards mutual respect.

Thus, I hope that my future experiences will involve better people… but overall, I do appreciate that many people are working towards both living by the related concepts of mutual respect and positive self esteem, and a subset of them are also turning this into businesses, and others and bringing that type of attitude into whatever work they do.


This has just been a quick entry, more like a quick link until later. I hope it is of benefit, but I will stop here for now.


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