The wrong lessons

Complexity is not complicated, if you are a capable of accurately modeling the complex systems accurately, as a system, and updating the model to match the system, and knowing the difference between the model and the system.

However, for most people, complexity is pain, and simple models give the options to express both the pursuit of pleasure, and the accumulated pain which drives a negative identity (as opposed to the accumulated successes, profits, which drive a healthy, positive self esteem).

This negative identity becomes the primary identity, and controls the anti-loving actions of the individual, based on fear, insecurity, and a justified doubt in their own ability to live within love.

The key ability is knowing the difference, and keeping your own esteem detached from the various motions of life. This is called “surfing the great way”.

Compassion, however, leads to the creation of things which cannot be predicted.

However, those love-filled, human-helping things, full of love, full of light, can easily be prevented, by hiding resources behind walls of “anti-green incitement to wrath“. This is done by systems generated to exploit people. They can them be perverted, by attaching various forms of simple wrath-based attitudes to them, such as “we shouldn’t listen to that guy when he talks about freedom; he owned slaves after all.”

The “correct” lesson for a victim of circumstances to learn, is that society is an evil antagonist attempting to destroy humanity. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, or a deterministic delusion of destruction.

Death and the busy dying drift of an uneducated (but processionally skilled) human are made into profit zones.

The correct lesson for a driver of prosperity to learn, is that life is worth living, but the pain which is imposed, whether by accident or intention, is not an intrinsic part of life, and should neither be endured nor expected, but overcome and replaced by harmony with aspirational thinking.

This aspirational thinking is itself a field which fosters any hopes into becoming visions, and visions into becoming projects, and projects into becoming plans.

More Problems

They are, therefore, various abortive “failure programs” which have been spread via the “consumer-sacrifice complication”, which prevent that chain of events from taking place, and that is why I have attempted to share some of these keys: to help humanity, including but not limited to myself now and in the future.

Experience has show me, however, that attempting to directly help others is often a mistake, as I assume them to be more aspirational, mature,  honest, and compassionate than they are capable of being.  This is not unreasonable, given the general sickness of the world.

However, the fact that it all starts with usury and the lack of sustainable greed at the top of the system is an invisible lesson that nobody learns, or some learn, but ignore as “too big a problems”, or some ignore and focus on their own domain, and feel quite successful when, by fortune and favor, they do overcome many problems.

Mass problems, however, such as the “collapse” of Venezuela, and the rise of sentiment which lead to “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” being popular on the one hand, but


Love is not the solution for everything. It is helpful, but the main driver of all systems is the medium of control, which defaults to reactive emotions (some of which are negative, such as hate/fear of threats), and is evidenced by both tangible money and analogues of value (effective money:rewards, desires, restful ability, emotional engagement, etc.).

Remembering that expressing pain, as part of the healing process, is useful; but expressing pain in order to prevent healing, awareness, taking command over that pain, and expanding beyond the need for wounds to remain open is against the path of ascendancy, and the opposite of love.

Relationships become complex because they tend to entangle all aspects of a human being, rather than engage only compatible aspects of the human-generated persona set which we all create as we learn how to interact socially.

Monks and trained awareness

Self-care and overflowing self-love are difficult to foster under the common, unhealthy scheme of personal development. Professional development can give us some of the positive self esteem to commit to personal development, but pressures to provide for our aspirations are often ignored in favor of pressures to provide for our socially bound roles.

However, the lack of access to skill increasing vectors, and other “professional” rewards can lead to a hidden form of warping which generates a different type of absurd hero; one who views themselves and necessarily above society, whilst also being treated as inferior to their true self-image, and thus, under continual abuse.

The only situation, in this case, is the creation of a profitable firm, or company.

This is because money enables all of the things which can be bought, and avoids many pressures caused by deprivation and imposed usury.

The positive fruits of money are hope into reality.

The fruits of usury and excessive greed, however, is a money system which impoverishes all who have been snared within it, from the newborn to the mature to the “elders” who make sure to pass their philosophy to the next generation of “bosses”, perpetuating the cycles.

The common lack of money, and lack of access to seed capital, is the problem which can be addressed by a few people (on proportion), but most people will not have the ability to convert their own abilities into realistic hopes, if nothing is done to change the effect functioning of the usury-based world system.

Rather than attempt to change the system, most people simply profit or suffer because of it, even if they are not aware of the root problem. The translation, “life is constant suffering”, is wrong. The actually phrase is, “living within society often brings sufferings”, and the various metalwork to deal with that is still evolving.

In rare circles, however, it has already evolved: be wealthy, get rich, then get happier, and make a difference during retirement.

First draft: Sat. 3rd Sep. 2016. Second shift.



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