Loans into Capital via Sales

In general, systems which are created for one purpose cannot be used for another purpose, unless they are first generalized and reformed.

The general way to convert the “sword” of liabilities into the “plowshears” of revenue, is via sales. However, most people can only sell their own time, as employees, for a relatively low fee. So the system has been rigged against employees.

That does not mean that there is no hope. By thinking, and acting, as a capitalist, one can do just as I said. However, this requires a more compassionate and technically adept way of looking at things, as well as local support systems.

Local access to working capital is the hardest part to create, which is why “venture capital” funds are important, but also why they may distort reality, away from value creation for humanity to profit creation for investors. There may be some overlap there, but there often is not.

Most importantly, it requires a radically different self-image, than the labor-based image which is common.

Having said all of that, if the system is imbalanced, then everything else will be imbalanced.

So, “neonation”, if not national or global, fiscal policies, must reflect a counter-balance until the global system is reformed for the survival of humanity and the prosperity (ideally including emotional profits, fiscal profits, and material gains) of constructive development (as opposed to destruction at a profit).


Given this reasoning, we’re going to focus on a short set of for-sale stuff, but we won’t really talk about them much here.

This blog should actually return to be mostly just general writings which I do as a hobby, but there is not really such a strong line between both, anymore.

I feel like I am letting down humanity by not doing more to spread accurate information based on an overlooking view of the world system from a perspective of both hope and faith in the positive potential of humanity to overcome the negative, if the system is not allowed to destroy the hope and intrinsic aspirations of youthful people (of any chronological age).





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