Predestination agreement ability

I mentioned something on twitter about “predestination agreement authority”, but there is no way I can give it justice in a few sentences. In fact, I am not sure I could do it justice in a trilogy of movies based on books which are all thick and well written.

However, I will try in this essay, because we have to start somewhere.

Being Mature, Human

Human beings, when we utilize our full human being facilities, have the ability to assert authority over the cause-and-effect loops of both nature, and other human beings. Unless we agree to something, we retain the ability to fill our free domains with whatever we will. Yet, most people will say “my time isn’t free”, and we might also point out that many people die before they fully reach self-awareness, and others are in prisons of one kind or another.

The whole world, right now, is struggling because of a fiscal system which is not only unfair, but creates massive widespread losses which affect everyone except those who create them, who are strangely rewarded.

In this environment, it might seem that the universe doesn’t guarantee freedom… but all I am saying, is that human beings, as individuals, have the natural authority to be free. The ability to be free, on the other hand, depends on the environment, more than the individual. If this were not true, prisons would be impossible.

In constructing things, therefore, we should avoid constructing virtual prisons for ourselves; as for the physical prisons and the other impositions, they may remind us of which environments are most free: those with more prisons and prisoners, or those with less prisons, less prisoners, and more facilities to enable contributions to humanity to be realized locally?

More evil than good in appearance 

No matter how well informed, well connected, and well read we might be, we still live in a small local context. If we have access to means of travel, that context may involve many separate geographical locations, but the reality of subjective experience is that it largely excludes the experience of others; and the reality of the flood of information which a typical person deals with, means that we may ignore the benefits of local-scale travel, and the regenerative power of concrete introspection.

By “concrete” introspection, I mean creating something for the sake of getting to know our own selves more. To read our own writings, look at our own drawings, hear our own songs.

This is not about sharing art with others, but rather, about sharing ourselves with ourselves.

That seems a bit off topic, but, the world is generally driven by people who are good at manipulation and imposition. In some cases, there is preemptive feedback to restrain such people. In other cases, there has been malicious intent behind the manipulation (not simply self-interest, but actually, other-destruction), and this has been occluded by generalizing to the systems used, as if artificial forces of human beings are just as valid and immutable as the physical laws of nature.


The world is salted with many people, historically and currently, who bend or break the physical laws of nature. In fact, nature has habits, more so than laws. Some seem quite fixed, but on closer examination, all may be utilized freely by those who comprehend them, and have the correct facilities to make use of them.

Despite this, the world was never lead by such people. Instead, in every society, the world may be inspired by the supernatural, but is lead by those who are forceful, but respectful of those who are already leaders.

Nehemiah did not call for the end of the banking system, only the end of the usury which was preventing Jerusalem from being built. Furthermore, he worked with his foreign King, and then, with those who wanted to be part of building a successful enterprise, rather than those who wanted to destroy a stagnant, oppressive regime.

Despite this, he was in danger of being killed.

It was only with information from beyond his direct (sensory) perception, that he was able to preserve his life, and finish a project which ultimately benefited everyone, including the same bankers who had oppressed the people, and refused to do anything about the situation. Those same bankers, however, came to enable the project to continue.

Just as the High Priest of Jerusalem would later conspire to convert Jesus’s teachings into one of sacrifice rather than life and prosperity, by making him a martyr, the clergy, academia, and politicians of the time did their best to prevent construction of the city which would turn out to be their own salvation.

Having observed this, the focus on shared anger and subscription, rather than individual peace and shared benefits of construction, takes many people away from contributing to humanity, and into contributing to causes of destruction.

The disdain that “banksters”, or the unethical minuscule fraction of the leaders of finance, may have for the common person is minor in comparison with the bile that the common person has for their neighbors, peers, employees, co-workers, boss.

So, having survived it, developed coping mechanisms, how can one contribute to humanity in a way that also respects society?

In many cases, the question becomes, “what sub-society should I respect, at the expense of others?”. Job, social clubs, legacy relationships, all serve to take up time, murdering options.

However, it should be, “what sub-society will I build, or work to build, to ensure that my absolute positive values enable me and those living, of like mind, to prosper?”.

Suddenly, the same duties, engagements, and relationships are revitalized and re-prioritized according to this (partial) philosophy.


We can achieve freedom from “affection”, or being affected by others, if we make this a goal. The only useful fast is to fast from society; by “useful”, I mean in the sense that some things are  capable of giving us power which we cannot get by any other means.

It is quite possible to be victimized yesterday, but it is not possible to be victimized if we are in now, and aware of dangers of the next step, and have the blessings of the week to come.

Despite what might be attempted, once our agreements are ratified as contracts, our will be done, in mind as it becomes in actualization.

The problem comes, in allow others to convince us that they know what is better for us, or that we should drift along with them, or that we should relax and go with the flow, and let probability and chance, cause and effect, and the concerns which we have, all have domination over use.

The power of the best news, both ancient and modern, is to keep in the zone of inspiration married with work: work to make both the mundane and the constructive reflect the living, and prospering, spirit of humanity arising over both nature, and artificial evil.


Language based on social images will never lead us to see who has being, but we can tell if a firm is actualized by looking at their quantifiable makeup. It takes time to build a firm, but more importantly, it takes the right sources (people), resources (things), opportunities, and environment.



So, in conclusion, we can use metaphors and examples of physical construction with social benefits, for building the vast, complex support systems which we all need to act as stable, profitable beings within humanity.

As for me, I won’t get into the details here, but #PlanB is underway. Let’s hope for better days.



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