Small update

Although the rest of the Joy of Thinking series is not out yet, you can still check out the first part:  (Amazon 4th Ed, Kindle 5th Edition, Barnes and Noble/Nook: 4th Ed, 5th Ed ). On lulu: (4th Ed, 5th Ed).

The title of that release is The Joy of Thinking, Part 1: Beyond Bullshit[1], by Kentaro Kandle, and yours truly, DhyvD.

The 4th Edition is cheaper and also in some ways better. It is the edition we use for reference in making the rest of the series, and related translations.

Although a few minor errors were fixed in the 5th Edition, and it has a bit more guiding information, if you really want it now. Cost $1 more.

I wanted to post something useful today, but in reviewing my previous posts, they could use a lot of editing[3]. It is time to put a better shine on things.

The general plan was to quickly do the series as a series of booklets, but we had the usual unexpected setbacks that plague everyone and everything, even the most fortunate and privileged.

However, the whole project, has been like a trail by fire to map out the border between supporters and negators, and such. For a while, I was simply in dismay.

It is not enough to stop here, however… the fullness of the project has to be completed.

There is a lot going on “behind the scenes”, but most of it is not really that interesting in general… after the first series is done, and some other projects are on the way, I might give a retrospective. However, the main thrust is that, day by day, we are working to provide what service we can to humanity.

To give the impression that we encourage entitlement, however, would be incorrect. So that is why I have pushed to get things published for sale, rather than distributed as charity (although, due to my mistakes, I did actually donate the manuscript to people who paid nothing for it. They didn’t benefit as much as they would have, had they chosen to develop a fair business relationship, but it was still quite discouraging, at the time, to fall for the typical traps against development, and greater caution lead to a more stable, effective, development system).

In time, we should have easier to read books, and more expansion… but in an era of $0.99 everything, we set a higher price point so that you wouldn’t buy it by accident.

Part 1 is carefully written, and has been vital to keeping us, personally, on track, despite hostile environments; it is not the popular distraction that you would expect, nor is it going to do more than set a foundation for the transformations which are difficult, but necessary, to maintain if we want to live without being carried away by floods of useless information.

So, having used it as an anchor, myself, I decided to share offer it to the world; they will be more, Deo volente [2].


  1. On some distribution platforms, the word “bullshit” pushes it into the adult section, giving the impression that it is an erotic novella, which (sadly, for some) it is not. Avoiding unpleasant things is the whole point of the booklet, and the first section is devoted to building up imagery which will be needed later, as we relate it to ancient and original themes. Furthermore, in order to make changes, you have to see the world fully, and not just focus on one aspect, such as will-power, whilst neglecting others, such as environs and the effect of accomplices and negative momentum based on unconscious agreements.
  2. DV, YHD.
  3. As I write this, most of the posts on this blog go back to the time when I had not completed my transformation into a full individual, which is an internal change with subtle effects, rather than anything with is visible socially or externally. My muscles did get bigger, but that was just a co-incidence of the weight-training which I did, which was mostly unnecessary for the transformation to stabilize. So they are all over the place in coherence, readability, and relevance. However, I’ll only tidy them up gradually over time, until I can afford to delegate some of the work and invest more here.



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