Factory based anti-humanity


This was an essay which I wrote after reading yet another rant about how the world is overpopulated. It is a bit hard to read, since I wrote it in one, emotional, sitting.

The world, itself, can support many more humans. However the systems of industry which are currently in effect may have to be modified, regardless of how much the world population varies.

The requires creating better systems: more complex, more harmonious with nature, rather than focusing on only one variable, such as carbon emissions or human bodies in animation. Humans and nature can live in mutual benefit, and mass support systems can be made in a sustainable manner, if that is what is intended.

However, if dehumanization (of all members of society), and distracting intellectuals with false dogmas is the intention, then keep on with the oversimplification.

Self Extermination

The problems with the biosphere on Earth, and environmental issues which affect large populations, are not due to the number of humans present on the planet, but rather, the type of factories which we use. Depopulation will not “save the Earth”, nor will “over population” threaten the Earth. Inappropriate use of human-made devices, driven by a very few, but affecting very many, is the actual core problem.

Breed or Not, but Construct

Well, that is is, really. If you can see that already, then good, you might be sensible. If you cannot see that, however, then you might already be part of the factory, and embracing an identity rather than an intrinsic unique entity which gives you the core of resident intelligence.

Distracting, and nice sounding arguments for genocide, and other types of murder, are so common that we mostly tend to take them as part of the human experience. To condemn the stupidity of someone else, or their morals, or their clothing choices, is such a common activity that the question seems to be how to do it, rather than if to do it at all.

In fact, I intentionally phrased the first paragraph as an antagonistic agenda. Although I didn’t say so explicitly, I am sure some read it and start to get angry at “big corporations” and such like.

Such antagonism, however attractive, is still part of the factory which manufactures a hostile environment for human life. It is more subtle, and perhaps not as important as the toxins in the food chain, pollution in the atmosphere, and so forth… but it becomes more effective at preventing changes for actually happening.

To preserve social position, fiscal income, change is resisted.

Even, and perhaps especially, changes for mutual benefit.

If some factory process is found to cause destruction, that is taking as a cost: the cost of people too distracted with making a dying, to make a living. The cost of being too engaged in employment, to engage the employer in more holistic discussions about the way to maximize the benefit of a factory to society.

In a world already filled with land-mines, we can make a great profit in selling mine detectors, mind disarming services, artificial limbs, and even health, life insurance, and loans which let you move faster, live shorter, and roll over debt to future generations which you will soon leave behind, or to corporate structures which are part of the credit bubble which currently fuels to expansion of the “neo-Roman Empire”.

However, not every place is filled with land mines. They are places which abhor them, which never would use them, and they are regions where construction of facilities to benefit both residents and visitors, both members and customers, is the focus.

My aim is to help you make your mind into one of those safe places.

From safety, security, and human sensibility, you can then see how the build the factories which can serve humanity, rather than continue complacency toward the factories which take your time, give you some cash, and then prevent you from enjoying live because you’re just not wealthy enough, nor immortal enough.

Factories can serve humanity, and human civilization need not be antagonistic to nature. Many factories already do serve humanity without contributing to slow but sure genocide, and many system can be modified so that the significant but “ignorable” people who are affected, can be protected from those negative effects.

As mentioned above, there is profit in making a safer world… but there is more profit in avoiding making a dangerous area, in the first place.

In many cases, we cannot avoid the dangers which came before us, which we find in our areas.

However, our minds are our own domain, and our bodies are, ideally, at least a third of our habitation (since we sleep at least a third of the day, and inhabit another realm, or lack consciousness, during that time, we cannot say we are always within our bodies for the sake of expression, decision making, nor perception).

We rebuild our bodies by our present dedication to them, within the limits of environment, utilizing available resources. We cannot do more than our subjective experiences allows us agency to do. Yet, we can often lose agency by attempting to express more power than we have available.

Our geographical neighborhoods, if we decide as groups to do so, can also become safe havens for construction and encouragement, renewal, education, and development.

We can grow, but not if we have devoted ourselves to multiplying traps, and placing land-mines in the minds of others, and of ourselves.

Human population levels are not the reason why the Earth is suffering. Nor, strictly speaking, is the level of modern convenience that we are afforded.

However, they are those who would like to justify the continued genocides currently ongoing, and who would like to remove the benefits of modern life from the majority of humanity, just because they are themselves, not human per se but machines of the spirit of inhumanity.

They will tell you that “we” are killing the Earth, but “they” are the only ones pulling the trigger… and we are being caught, being gears in the system, being victims of their traps, and being silenced by an addiction to both intellectual mammon, and rewards from a fiscal system which is inherently opposed to fairness, justice, and the sustainability of intelligent human beings.

If we need to depopulate anything, it is all of the poison that “they” feed us.

We need to stop becoming factories of our own accelerated mortality.

You could spend less than a fiver on our ebook (booklet, really), the Joy of Thinking, Part 1: Beyond Bullshit. (Amazon 4th Ed, Kindle 5th Edition, Barnes and Noble/Nook: 4th Ed, 5th Ed ). On lulu: (4th Ed, 5th Ed).

Reading that booklet comprehensively, over a prolonged time, will help clear out some of the mental poisons which are imposed on us all. All physical acts benefit from a good, clean (sane, harmonious) mind, including seeing and building better factories or other modes of beneficial living.


I am pressed for time now… to be edited later.


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