Beyond Bullshit … Third Edition…

As a fan of long titles, I’m glad to announce “Beyond Bullshit: The Joy of Thinking, Part 1” by Kentaro Kandle, published by Dhyvd David King, is now available at the Lulu store (right here). Updates: PDF of Fourth Edition is available as well, also from Lulu. Fifth Edition ebook is available via Lulu also.

Why buy it now?

  • Less than $3 U.S. Dollars. So you can just do it on impulse because you want to support in some way. (A little more for the fifth edition).
  • This is the third edition, so it has much less minor, annoying errors,
  • It is still worth reading.
  • The more I read it, the more clean and coherent my thinking became.
  • How else will you get to know me? It’ll be weeks, if not months or even years before I get around to doing my auto-biography.
  • Did I mention, it is only three dollars?

Main Features

  • Densely populated with precise language!
  • Tables to clearly illustrate concepts!
  • Diagrams! (cost-reduced, the savings are passed onto the customer)
  • Suppressed for over a year by the minions of orthodoxy;
  • Be a rebel against the norm and read it!
  • Reach a higher level of joyful thinking than the mainstream is capable of!
  • A booklet, rather than a book: crisp in length, allowing for reading in one sitting;
  • yet carefully indexed for reference and reflection.
  • It will avoid future anxiety for both of us!

More Rambling


More recent editions are available, see the latest post for details.

Eventually, the other parts will be , they will be combined, re-edited, and republished on a larger scale, for more more money, but you can actually get the nut from this one and post any comments if you want any expansion in the mean time.

Since the blog is still very small (in March 2016) and I will likely avoid promotion for at least another year, maybe, two, I’ll actually be able to personally reply to any comments of feedback that you leave here.



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