Progress, Prosperity, and Honesty

Increasing things which are insignificant, but costly, is a long-standing problem since ancient times. This is “backwards progress”.

Prosperity is what happens when living people decided to make life better for everyone.

Honesty is required to communicate with the spirit of truth, and thus receive the waters of ever-living life.

There is no need for any shadow (much less a whole shadow area) within the human psyche.

That happens when you blot out the intrinsic star, or internal sun, and thus make the lush valley into a dark, scary place. This blotting out of the sun is the distraction of wrath, ignorance, and negative emotional loops such as despair and anxiety.

Although prevention is better than cure, everyone will need to learn cures, because the common world system is inhumane. It is, thus, rare to have any interaction, either directly with humans, or indirectly through memories of artificial systems, or narrowly through interaction with nature and its mortality, which does not at least attempt to distract you from living.

It may have always been this way…. in ancient times, many people complained about it, but many people also overcame it. To some degree. Via ascents.

So, assuming you can read ancient stuff, you can make life easier by following their written instructions. If you can’t, as most people are intentionally trained for factories and filled with trivia, then just read the modern translations, and by “read” I mean not only books, but also, anything you put into your senses (eyes of the mind).

You can also read a booklet on the subject, edited and (somewhat reluctantly) published by me:

The Joy of Thinking, Part 1: Beyond Bullshit (Amazon 4th Ed, Kindle 5th Edition, Barnes and Noble/Nook: 4th Ed, 5th Ed ). On lulu: (4th Ed, 5th Ed). All versions under $5.

This might be useful, just came across it by apparent co-incidence: Calling of the Emotional Attack Dogs.



Fostering Freedom

The actual way to learn to read better, however, is to write essays. Writing something puts your in an active stance, and allows you to turn (transform) reading into an active (albeit imaginary) discussion. You can can gain the ability to be more precise with your expressions, and communicate with the authorship team, telepathically, or even electronically, to perceive more clearly what the meaning behind the stream of words was intended, and whether you might agree, or have an improvement, suggestion, or over-riding assertion.

Thus, you can cure yourself of lies.


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