Contributing to Humanity

Can we prosper more if we, instead of rushing to contribute to a social system which is broken, and intended to break the human spirit, develop more value for every by focusing on contribution to humanity, instead of fitting simply into society?

Starting with kindness to the person you should know the best, your true self.

Then being kind to your paying customers [2], who are helping you to reach actualization, or maintain your valuable assets [3].

Why would there have been a false self?

They are actually at least three false selves in all of us, due to the “domestication process” of socialization, when we are pacified, placed upside-down, and “raised” towards an abyss of self-nullification:

  1. Who I think I am (intrinsic, trait-based image, a rigid strait-jacket)
  2. Who I think that society makes me (role-based image)
  3. Who I think that you (subset of society) think that I am (faux ego or shell self)

Society generally looks at roles and the shell, but calls them the “true” self and the “false” self. Thus they get you “out of the shell” is to make you perform a role. This is easy to test: compliance is either present or absent.

Rebellion against role-work[1] is discouraged and coerced out.

Awareness and agility make defining the true self as impossible as grasping the wind.

Role are like hats, and intrinsic images are like cloaks. The true self is the naked hosted being beneath (or above, depending on perspective) it all.

The problem with words, is that they can encode problems, but not living spirits. At most, we can encode the tools which living spirits may develop, the internal devices which are the evidence of resident intelligence, the gifts which are ultimately crafted by living spirits, and employed by living spirits.

Words, however, are as dead as sand.

We might animate words, giving them the illusion of life, but the only life words can have, is the life which we breath into them, by our “visualization”, or animation of imagination.

In truth, our most powerful nation is i-mag-i 😉 -nation.

There is more required, however: strong reason, clean intrinsics, clear intentions of virtuous development, and awareness of the templates and how to form them by competent application of art, science, and craft, are some that come to mind.



[1] Role-work: “What is your job, or work?” That is how we start to get to know some people. They are variations of the tactic, but conversations focus on what the other person could do for us, rather than on primarily being human.

[2] paying customers: not all ‘customers’ pay in cash or trade-able things, but poison or burdens are not payment, only distractions from life.

[3] valuable assets: refreshing yourself, regaining your mental sharpness, often takes plenty of effort. Thus, time and tools to help maintain yourself represents some of your “paying customers”, although in this case they are habits that pay you in benefits, rather than people who pay you in cash.



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