Nameless living

The Gnostic scriptures, or perhaps Coptic scriptures, or perhaps pre-invasion of the Sith-scriptures, or perhaps ancient tabletop role-playing sourcebooks, talk about the “nameless Monad” and the origin of truth and the independent spark with humans.

Related to this, I’m going to try to explain why making a name for yourself is a bad thing.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you want to sell something, you have to create a “brand” for it, and push that image and products which are congruent with that image.

However, what if you aren’t actually selling anything? What if selling, itself, is an activity which you would rather spent less and less time doing, so that you have more and more time for actually living life?

In that case, the difference between the private self and public images are going to be very important, and the way that you think will determine whether you actualize your private desires, despite social pressures, or consume your own essential energy, falling into a walking sleep of reactiveness, whilst being a tool to everyone else.

Being a tool to society is actually, apparently, the stated purpose of life, for many powerful people. “Contribute to society,” they say, as if society is our maker, and we’d better do as it says or we’ll be sorry.

Happiness, though, doesn’t come form society. It is an intrinsic gift, along with being alive. Society is a construct of a few to confine and distract the many, and although it contains many opportunities and “hard points” that we can build structures on, if we either get obsessed with “it”, or rather, our image of it….

Or if we go the other way, and start to hate “it”, or rather, our perception of it….

Then we’ll miss all of those opportunities and benefits, and instead close our eyes metaphorically, and eventually, physically, much too early.

In those TTRP sourcebooks (you can call them “scriptures” if you want, but I’m taking the opinion that they had no television but plenty of imagination, some dice, and plenty of time to play epic campaigns where they imagined fighting angels and demons), the “nameless Monad” is nameless because to give him a name (or even a gender) would be to limit him in some way. To arrogantly assume that the source of autonomy could be confined by definitions.

This is in stark contrast to modern gods, like the NYSE indexes, which are precisely quantified, or “passion”, which is passionately qualified in all of the burn-your-soul, cut-your-wrists “new” ways.

In a similar way, getting too much into your brand, having no clear olive green line between work and play, selling and being, will cause trouble for you.

It is vital to work, sell, and earn – but it is more important to live, play, and see opportunities to be human, and to gain insight into the specific details of your own subjective situation.

Otherwise, the masks and jackets prepared for you by the few overlords who set up social constructs will inhibit you almost like magic, and without realizing it, you’ll repeat the same mistakes, and fall into the same dramas.

There is really only one lesson to learn in life: be your true self.

Don’t bother telling others what that is; your actions will speak loudly enough.



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