Thinking Better

Some people have writers’ block, sometimes…. but I’ve never had that. Instead, I’ve had a lack of time and opportunity to write. Sometimes I write whole lectures in my mind whilst getting out of bed, but they are already over by the time I am awake enough to translate them into human and machine languages.

This is a side effect of time travel to the future of the mystery schools, and back to the present, dismal state where people are defining themselves by roles, and types, rather than refining their aspirations into plans and designs for enhancement of their own actualization.

These definitions drive actions which play out on the stages of life; if all the world is a stage then the marketing experts are the ones who are best at acting.

Suppose, however, that the world is not only a stage.

Suppose there is more to the world than meets the eye, than meets the audience.

Perhaps thoughts exist in another, more permanent world, and the words, symbols, pictures, and dances we use to represent them are based on icons which comprise a field and graph (locus of connected points) which are in an over-world, the world of spirit, the forest of life.

In all ancient systems, they are many worlds, and each world is different.

Of course, anyone who watches movies or reads books (even non-fiction) knows this: what obtains for one artificial world, doesn’t obtain for another.

Still, ethics and character shine out in all worlds. For example, an honest, kind person will always seem honest and kind. Even if they are thrust into another realm, with different rules and limits, those characteristics will become evident in their ethical actions.

That all being said, I’m pleased that I managed to get my home-office much more sane (clean, supportive of translation) last year. Most of the projects I wanted to do have been prevented for a long time, but on the other hand, I have actually exceeded my expectations in the strengths that I have gained in the meantime.

So, this helps my thinking… having a sane, private studio.

Having protected, sane work studio is a “trick” or “major factor of effective expression” which I learned from Bertand Russell. What sort of tricks do you use, to better your thinking?



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