Beyond Bulling and Bullshit

If you really want to clear your mind, perceived reality, and emotional command paths of bullshit, you can hop over to lulu and get my free (as in DRM) booklet. By “my”, I mean “our”, as it was a team effort….

The word “bull” had a different meaning in Barbados, than it does in Trinidad.

In Trinidad, it means sex… passionate sex, usually between a hetero-sexual couple. However, in Barbados is means anal sex, usually between a man and an unspecified “bottom” (may be male or female, or even an animal such as a cow). The issue is complicated by Bajans who speak Trini.

That is not to say that kinky sex is all the tri-state sysplex that is Trinidad, Tobago, and Barbados is about. We’re living in the same database as our Federated compatriots and Diaspora, and our counter-action may or may not be rising.

Putting Log Horizon aside, until season three comes and saves us from our speculation and reading of the light novels, there is a need for rapid development in Barbados to make the 99% of commercial activity formal, organized, and reportable. Then it can be used as a basis for planning, rather than the 1% of conglomerates and de facto monopolies that comprise the traditional/conservative busy mess of oppression here.

For, the formal economy is nothing but oppression. It was designed that way, and continues to function that way. Any improvements are made by dictatorship, rather than by democratic action and right thinking.

On the other hand, the lack of accurate reporting has created a sustained rift between the legal and informal sectors, which is fertile ground for organized large scale groups. In Japan, we call them Kaibatsu, or something, but in the tri-state, few people are so bold as to declare that they are organized for the expressed purpose of bypassing the follies of the slow and unwieldy traditional forces.

On the other hand, a lot of young and young-at-heart people are doing great things to foster the rapid evolution, and #EEvolution, necessary for us to leap from the shadows of `teh 1930s Prohibition on Innovation to the ongoing thrust to re-write the basecode of reality by the assertion of ethics, harmony, intelligence, and compassion.

Amongst other virtues.


Check out The Joy of Thinking, Part 1: Gamma Edition, DRM-free PDF.




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