Practical applications of virtues to business

Innovation is a form of creative construction. It thus requires inspiration and aspiration. Focusing on the “bottom line” is like kissing Mammon’s ass. Being upright fosters growth (up) and development (for it is right, correct, and obvious that #EEvolution is continual: we develop, evolve, or decay, stagnate, devolve, demit ourselves from living human being status).

So uprightness brings creative innovation, and new construction.

Investment in creativity brings novel, useful results. Some will be practical, all will be fun: fun brings joyfulness.

To be honest about everything, Reflection is needed.

The bottom line of a profit and lost statement is an oversimplification (superstition), and not a revelation nor reflection of anything.

Simple-minded people act like robots, being manufactured by super-robots in super-indoctrination centers. That is the British way, of fostering their domination of the common world, through law.

Those who live by grace, benefit from the serendipity and successful jumps and runs of the living warriors, world without end.

Perhaps this will be the topic of the next booklet, but currently I have three others to release, and the various other formats of Joy of Thinking, Part 1 to present (that is, make presentable and sale-able). So, back to the work-ship (not a shop, a ship that carries me forwards, Ps. 46:5) for now.


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