Q on Halloween (Saturday 31st October, 2015 CE)

So, I went to “Q on Saturday”. For those who don’t know, it is a free-entry even put on by local sound system/DJs from Q 100.7 FM. Not just local, actually, it has traveled to New York, Lower 48, and other places. It is usually on Thursday, but yesterday (and on the first time I went, weeks ago), it was on Saturday as a special event.

Being an outdoor event for the most part, it relies on tents for shelter. The tents used this time were mostly inadequate for handling the rain that showed up, but they would have been inadequate for the Sun as well, although the general plan was likely to keep people dancing so much that they didn’t notice.

People danced, including me. I line-danced and then later on I did my unique variant of “wukking up”. A., one of my ‘hood family sister types, was greatly amused. As was M., another sis.

Anyhow, that was fun, would go again, and I recommend anyone in Barbados, especially residents like me who are dealing the the rapacity matrices, to come out to Q and such, and tour the island (Q moves location every week), even more than the “foreign” (non-national) tourists do.

Also, I don’t have any pictures of it but I dressed up in an Al x Card / Alucard type costume, complete with red cape and super-normal abilities (to wukk up).

Enjoy Everything, especially thinking.

Oh, and an early PDF-only edition of the Joy of Thinking, Part 1 is now out on lulu, if you are really eager to buy it, typos and all. Revised variants will come within a month.

As an Editor / Producer / Capitalist, I think the market should decide whether to pay now for information, or wait until it is somewhat cheaper financially, but also less rare.

So the next edition will be somewhat cheaper, but more widely available, and available in parallel with this initial public for-sale release. Nobody should buy it, though, once the other options are out, as they will be better value for money, and even better value for time (less typos, perhaps a bit more details refined), and thus I consider this current release to be a limited run, and thus, work a premium price.

It has no DRM, so you could pool money or buy it and give (copies of) it to friends/enemies/innocent non-thinkers.

If you’re into giving things.

[1] http://www.lulu.com/shop/kentaro-kandle/joy-of-thinking-part-1-gamma-1-edition/ebook/product-22422261.html


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