Professional Prosperity-enhancing Tourist-like

Promoting prosperity consciousness via professional tourism, and profession of the prosperity actualization already in evidence in our Great Old’e Nation Of Barbados, home of the Bajans and Bajan13K.

A Professional Tourist is always touring, and always selling the benefits, and avoiding the costs, of visiting lands and is-lands (beings?).

Prosperity starts with making time more worth-while for business than it would be for theft, auto-destruction, or other forms of despair-wor[thless]-ship.

Prosperity is life more abundantly than subsistence. Despair, and inducing worthlessness in others, or even self, is murder by degrees.

You don’t have to be a PPT (Professional Prosperity-enhancing Tourist-lancer, or Tourist-like lance within her actuality) like me, but, I would advise you to have an active relationship with life, rather than a covenant with death and a busy mess of dying.

Commit to living, and commit to prosperity.

Life life with the most abundance you can, then add more life to it by some undiscovered means.


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