Bigg Up Tamarind of the Islands (Sky Mall)

Today’s prosperity tourism profession is about “Tamarind of the Islands”, or simply Tamarind. This is a food store in Sky Mall.

Sky Mall is in (Haggatt(sp!) Hall, near the Bussa Roundabout where brown, black, bronze, and indentured servants are now all free forever in Gr-nd Barbados). I waled there yesterday (Mhine Day), from My Lord’s Hill, but apparently that is too long a walk for normal people. I barely made it myself, being void of coconut water at the time.

Anyhow, back to Tamarind Of The Islands, Sky Mall: This store is more than a store. It is professionalism and prosperity of friendliness, combined in a positive synergy which would be the envy of all so-called developed countries.

For around twenty dollars, I can eat the platter (well, styrofoam container) clean on delicious vittles prepared with a home-cooked feel but professional sanity.

They also sell Sorrel and Mauby, and have both small and large sizes. Mix and match as you choose.

Also, “give the girls trouble” as it seems to be required. If only there was a nearby massage parlor, certain ting ting ting would tra la lee…. 


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