Mundane Update

Recovering from soft tissue damage, and in the process, considering replacing my soft tissues with brimstone or molten Fool’s Gold (Rei-Au). Keeping the Ra-Cup, nevermind the Raca-Men.

Speaking in riddles almost continually, but still wearing more blue than green or black. Have the locust key ready to ride, though, as we all answer to higher powers. El Elyon is not incarnate, after all, that would be blasphemy.

Had like 90 minutes of Reiki treatment. This variation, I call Reiatsu depth transfer and integration teaching technique. Woke up with seeds for several books on Real ReiKi. Hopefully that is not yet a registered trademark in the upper worlds.

Love being alive.

Love rain.

Might take a nap, again. Just ate so have to avoid indigestion, walk it (food) out a bit.


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