Negative inventions

Before ADD was invented, there were Dancers.

BEfore skitsophrendia (schitsophrenia, but what of skits, weird friends, and operas) was invented, they were Artists and Actors.

BEfore paranoia was invented, they were Masai Warriors.

BEfore dsylexia was invented, there was Out-of-Order-Processing.

BEfore hyper-activity was invented, ADHD, there were multiple discipline athletes.

BEfore drag-on science was invented, they were “kings amongst slaves” who “searched out a matter”.

What the Creator (personified or diffused into evolution of the human body) created as talents, some inhuman societies founded in darkness and wrath have sure had fun converting into unlimited debts and burdensome liabilities.

In Barbados, “wukking up is we culture”.

We Dance.

Thus, we prosper.


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