Well, that’s enough of a first draft…. (estate renovation)

Over the years, I blogged a lot here, all first drafts, full of typos. It is a bit embarrassing, but it worked around the fact that, after working in several professional class roles per day, I didn’t have much mental energy left to police my own grammar and spelling, nor did I really care to. Sometimes having an outlet which is separate from you is useful.

Ideally, human beings have a long-term memory which can not only store data, but actually be a subjective, private paradise which you can access to assist in not just recovery but also in long-term consistency. It becomes “sub-conscious” to most but you can relearn how to access it, and before academic education was replaced with mass schooling systems (the latter intended to create obedient, competent factory workers, but not individuals capable of leadership or themselves, much less society), memory techniques and ethics were an important part of basic education, repeated at all levels.

We don’t have that now… I didn’t have that in any formal way when I was enduring school and self-educating to try to compensate for it…. and it surely isn’t common in generations to come. However, a few good books and apps could change that, I’m sure some exist already, I even bought a memory-related book a few years ago.

It might seem like a drop in the bucket, but you never know the full impact of a publication until, sometimes, decades later.

This blog has been more stable than the equipment I’ve had at my disposal for most of my life, but has made me reflect on that fact and consider what part I unwittingly played in the under-development of my own toolset. The saying:

The cobbler never has a decent pair of shoes.

Is a Bajan proverb which means that there is insufficient margins in being a self-employed expert. To have a sustainable living, one needs to lead a group which can amplify your skills and export them into the high-margin profit zones: people who can afford to pay a premium for premium skills, or perhaps the volume-oriented marketplaces where economies of scale access to factory-class production capabilities can lower cost and economies of access to wide distribution can increase revenues.

Or something like that. (I have a lot to write about “economics” and how it is intentionally taught incorrectly in formal academia).

The thing is, most people have no option but being self-employed or contracted to a single employer at a time, if that is all they have been trained for. To lead your own corporation or informal group is something which can be gained at a young age, but it is also something which is hard to gain if you do not realize how major a change in thinking it is needed.

You don’t become a good, ethical, respected King by training to be the best slave you can be, so help you Ba-al Pe-or.

Then, of course, you have to find a way to practice…. which is easier if you have almost effortless access to “bubble capital” (my name for venture funds reserved for, say, 25-year graduates or drop-outs from Standford), or Investor-in-a-venture Capital to try something whilst you educate yourself on leadership in the only way that really works: by trying it, and getting to know your own character as a leader of men.

However, I do believe that people can only do the best they can with the options available to them. So I won’t be too harsh on the quality of this blog, but going forwards, and now that I have made a bit more “space” to work and play professionally, I can review and edit the articles, over time…. but most likely, I won’t post much new stuff here over the coming years. I have enough of a “private work bench” now that it is more reliable to keep stuff off-line, and it was always more prudent to do so, anyhow.

After all, if this blog were actually popular, I’d have to deal with all the random trolls and whatnot that appear on ‘teh Internets, having, like me, no place to store their memories, since they were raised not the have awareness of their own eternal streams and habitations, but rather, to be bankrupt of awareness by paying all attention to “society” and fitting into the “matrices” which have gone too far in regimenting life into anti-life, work into chores rather than development of skills and amplification of talents, exhibition of trade, development of a sense of justice and ethics.

Other people are working on fixing the world’s systems, though…. I’m just working on making shoes (metaphorically), or rather, now, getting the group together that can create sufficient prosperity to get me the spare time to make proper shoes for myself. To start with, however, I could change my thinking and make one special pair of shoes, which I wear as advertising, ne?

No, it wouldn’t matter, because the quality of the product is not what allows the cobbler to reform. That’s returning to left-hand, lesser thinking. The access to the team that helps make the product accessible to the profit zones, or helps the cobbler to realize that he should re-skill as a blacksmith instead, or something of that like, is what makes the difference in the life of an individual.

Leadership, finding profit zones, and building sustainable business systems all require an over-looking view which sees the right-hand/credit side of the balance sheet as well, for assets are financed by either capital or liabilities, and you don’t want to confuse one for the other, in time.


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