Health and Self-Control

As humans, we have finite limits. Growth expands despite those limits, and development changes the way we work within those limits, to effectively expand them.

We could define them the other way. Development is generally used to mean development of products, and growth is generally seen as something that happens to trees.

I think, though, that health (for living human beings) needs to be developed.

I think, also, that in order to grow, we need to go beyond yesterday’s limits, and the horizontal limits which may seem continual but we can and must walk away from, even if we have to come back a few hours later.

This is, ultimately, why people continue to seek strong leaders.

Strong leaders help you to grow.

In thinking about it, leadership is important to intelligence. Not the socially bound definition, which puts you “over” others, but the more direct definition. Self-control, is the better (compound) word or phrase to describe that concept, I think.


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