Health, Part 3

This was a quick note that was written without much of a plan. It might be helpful, but it more acts as a rough outline for later work, hopefully.

Someone once said to me, “If you can’t catch health, how can you catch sickness?”

The common answer to that: sickness is spread by germs and other pathogens, but health is the normal state of the human body.

However, the real answer is that you can receive, if not “catch”, many things beneficial to health. Vitality, vigor, restfulness, are three of them that come to mind.

One could also intentionally amplify, create, purify, and otherwise generate these factors of health.


Vitality takes a form similar to water, so we can literally refill it. Like water, it can change state according to temperature, or what I call Rei-warmth (bleck, need to find a better name) or “spirit density“. Spirit density is also a temporary name, but I like it better. […] harmonize the equations […] obviously I watch way too much Anime — or rather, most people watch way too little.

Or a third option: most people stop thinking when you use the words “spirit” or “spirituality”. They are many who apply scientific methods to spiritual matters, however, and hence gain greater precision over their planning and designs when it comes to spiritual matters.

Virtue, vision, and spirit are three more aspects of health.

A broken spirit implies “depression”, and that is a whole boatload of other topics. Trauma of various sorts can have lasting health effects, but trauma-resolving techniques can have lasting health effects in the positive direction.

Just as drinking poison every day would tend to weaken to liver, cultivating virtue, vision, and a powerful spirit tends to strengthen the organs.

Strong organs can prevent infection from taking hold, recover from injury faster than weak or even normal organs, and can improve all aspects of the experience of living.

Self-help for health is an ongoing area of research, but the problem is not that there is a lack of research: there is literally hundreds of thousands of well written books, representing thousands of years of research. There is, however, a pervasive complacency and hectic ignorance when it come to health.

“I’ll work on that tomorrow,” you say… I said… and then, months later, a procrastination has opened up a bad habit, depleting reserves, weakening a body to the point where sickness can take hold.

So, don’t work on it tomorrow. Start now. Go within, and commit to being as healthy as you can be.

Not following every wind of health doctrine, but developing a consciousness of health.

To prevent repeating the cycle of neglect, I’m working on a series of short articles which expand on this essay, but this is the basic over-looking view.

More presently, you can check out Flowing Zen Qi Gong, Chi Ne Tsang, or any of the many people working on various forms of holistic healing.

Presently, I think that my over sensitivity to people (“affection” overload, I call it, or being affected by pain which is not even mine). So although what I write might help people, realistically, it will help more to just go to a professional healer or healing teacher, which I have no real intention of becoming.

The best thing I can do for all of us is resurrect my true intentions, and focus on what I am actually great at.



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