Perspective on healthy living, from a non-doctor….

The initial article title was “A perspective on healthy living, from a non-doctor… who likes being healthy”, but I thought that was a bit too long.

As I write this, I am a bit of self-parody, because I am actually a little “sick”. Not really sick, though, but exhausted, and it was all preventable, but I messed up. On multiple levels at the same time, and I’m still recovering from it. So, I wouldn’t call that a health failure so much as an intelligence and honesty or kindness to self failure.

As a result, I missed out on a lot of things over the past week (first week of August 2015), but on the upside, I fixed a lot of problems which had accumulated with my lifestyle.

Healthy Living

By the way, living and animation are not the same thing. In theory, a human body can be animated without any aliveness within it. Certainly, non-living things can be animated. The word “animation” is applied to illusions of art which are given the general motions and apparent expressions associated with life, but the only living beings are the craftsmen and artists who created them, not them, themselves.

Humans… have a history of self-deception, however. “Golden Calf” comes to mind immediately, and the absurdity of how we personify non-living items can be taken too seriously to mean that humans must be stupid, as I was for not taking good care of myself recently.

However, I think things are more complex than that, and become complicated if we judge too harshly. To be more precise, analysis should be tempered with belly-laughter, and judgement should be left for the actual authorities. Not necessarily law court type judges, but even if that is your day job, it isn’t your place to judge everyone and everything all the time. Such attitudes are unhealthy.

To have a healthy lifestyle, however, you have to value life, enjoy life, and have a system for self-monitoring, which is sometimes called inflection (at least, in the circles that I hang out in).

Inflection allows you to get accurate perception of the internal state of your systems, so that you can make adjustments, hopefully before anything minor grows to become major, and to determine what any pains or discomforts are rooted within, at least roughly.

To be effective at this, you need to have some degree of knowledge, but the critical part is not knowledge, but … active wisdom, which is a form of conscious intelligence limited to living beings. It is not the same as applied wisdom, which can be animated, and thus, imparted into machines and systems.

Active wisdom is what I call “the water of Shen (intelligence, spirit, expert aura)”.

Now, I cannot fully describe my system of keeping myself healthy, but I can tell you why I believe that health is the responsibility of mature human beings: the human body changes in stages, but some of those changes can be reversed or re-activated, delayed, or prevented. In Tibet they have a saying (loosely translated): the older, the stronger.

People in Tibet don’t grow frail as they grow older. They grow more vigorous, more full of vitality. At least, they did at the time that I read up on some of their practices and teachings. Some of them, I have modified for my climate and environment, and incorporated into my practices.

To wait until you get sick to start developing a health consciousness is what most people do, but I started from much earlier. I still had many major sicknesses, and I wouldn’t call myself a docotor, nor do I have any interest in professional healing, even though I’ve been certified in various modalities and participated in Chi Kung and Reiki realated healing sessions as a practictioner. Doctors should actually want to be doctors, ability along shouldn’t decide who becomes one. To heal myself is hard enough, I don’t need, want, or encourage people to seek healers first.

This is my general advice: seek intelligence first, during, and after going to get professional help with healing. Don’t avoid doctors, but don’t rely on them, either. Rely on intelligence.

Napoleon Hill and I both agree that “infinite intelligence” exists. We might disagree on some other matters, such as whether this is only one trans-finite being who can appear to have all the answers, and how to be sure that you answers and guidance are correct, and how the mind is organized… but since he has passed over, I will leave the discussions with the holistic apparently mortal healers for another time. (He promoted himself as a businessman who shared the secrets of wealth creation, of which health was a part. From my perspective, that makes him a holistic healer, even though he was not professing to be on, and that term tends to carry negative connotations due to the amount of “quacks” who promise much and deliver little… but I would say that in the true sense of the world, healing has to include attention to other forms of wealth, as well.)

Have A Regiment

The general advice is to get your heart pumping at least once a day for 20 minutes. I would advice to practice “neigong”, or internal energy work, at least one session of which should be done in standing or moving forms, at least twice a day for 30 minutes minumum. Follow with at least half an hour of sitting meditation, but as you mature in meditation you will know for yourself what to do.

That is, I would give that advice if I was a doctor, but I’m not. Since I’m not, I can tell you that the most important thing that I have done for myself is institute a rule where I take a break ever 3-4 hours (four hours is the “hard maximum”) and I stand up, and then assess myself. If I feel tired standing, then I’m already in a critical stage and need to start a recovery plan. If I feel okay standing, then I might do the half-hour standing Chi Kung forms thing, or I might do some other form of exercise.

What is my reasoning behind this?

I don’t feel like sharing it, this post is already long enough, but you should develop a regiment and routine for yourself. They are good doctors, healers, and advisors our there, so you can try one of those professionals out. As for me, I’m writing this entire post just to laugh at myself, and you’re invited to join me (the joke is that …)

I messed up

Everyone makes mistakes, but health mistakes can be fatal. So, be solemn, but enjoy your health enhancement program, whether in a recovery phase, or a cultivation phase. Just as sicknesses can compound and mount up, vital energy can be converted, accumulated, stored, and cultivated. Vigor can likewise improved by various practices. Virtues have a connection to both: if you have virtues, then you can get a lot of help which you cannot get if you have complicated your social, emotional, and mental systems with deceit and destruction (primarily, self-destruction).

Wrath and related traps of darkness

“Be angry, but don’t fail.” – paraphrase of a common parable. It’s attributed to that Beloved YSh guy, although I bet only meta-koders would get the nickname.

Your emotions need to be majorly positive, because they affect the flow, nature, and temper of emotional and mental energy within the biosphere that you inhabit, and the “near field” which can extend up to 500 feet in radius from your incarnate (or host) body. This information seems to still be rare, but trust me on this: you need to clear your “direct outer aura” by first clearing your attitudes and mental states.

Minor negative emotions are fine: over-ride them or counter them with a positive emotion. You don’t need to delete negatives or stop negative emotions. Deal with whatever the root cause is, and they will eventually either mature or dissipate.

For example, if someone is messing up society, then you could be a gentleman and gentle beat them up, whilst being angry. The gentle part must be your major emotion, which is why learning time compression and combat Judo (or Tai Chi combat forms) may be useful. (Judo means “the gentle way”, and Aikido means “the loving energy way”, so there’s the joke… and the truthfulness is embodied in the mentality with which adept practitioners practice them, usu. brown or black belts traditionally as it takes practice to reach the point that you practice from spirit rather than from cognitive consciousness).

In time, I plan to edit the previous posts and also do follow-ups on them… but I likely don’t do any of that for at least five years. I’m taking the whole Internet thing rather slowly… not in any rush to sell things online or even keep up with any but a few of my close friends who happen to live far away… because pausing to consider is where the space between the tick and the tock, the key of eternity, is found.

Or something like that.


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