Not a doctor, but….

Being healthy is something, ne?

Some people seem to think I will become a Doctor someday. No, that was never in my cards. Doctors have to deal with sick people, and my experience of the common world has been that it is full of people who cannot tell the difference between sickness and health, and constantly spread sickness and re-infect others.

The Zombies are everyone, and those who have natural immunity become prey for those parasite-infected masses. The Revelation is that the time-stealing virus is already an epidemic, and the real werk (of actual actualization) right now is to restore your control of your own time, avoiding persecution from outside and the inhibitions (to clear thinking) already implanted within habits, reference material, and social context.

In general, the World cannot end: it has not yet begun. They are nothing but wolves, not even trying to wear sheep’s clothing… but the dogs, sheep, and half-asleep keep walking back into the arms of the wolves, anyhow. “Better the Devil I know,” they say. “Have to pay the bills,” they say.

At the rate that “modern” society is going, it will soon really be true, at least in some over-“developed” areas, that it would be better off not to have any children or projects at all, than having the joy of fostering new life and attempting big or long-term things which might fail, but push your capabilities.

In that environment, there is no way I want any responsibility at all for “healing”, because healing is hard enough when you want to do it, and know what health looks like. However, “the system” doesn’t define healing that way. Rather, they study diseases in order to treat them: by any method other than finding the root and restoring it to health.

I have met Doctors who survived the system and attempted to help their customers restore their health. They had tragedies related to their good, kind nature, and at the time, I didn’t have a clue how to help them, even though I sincerely wanted to.

Healing is something that the body wants to do, naturally. It can be assisted by experts, and enabled by good practices, but it is up to you to find such people, and develop such characteristics. The people, however, are still part of society, and you should look at them as teachers, rather than healers.

Anyhow, my compassion for people may be vast, but it is tempered by compassion for myself, and an awareness of my tendency to go ten extra miles being a flaw in dealing with the common inhumane human forms, experts at manipulation, deceit, and distraction. Therefore, I prefer to carefully control my time, and how much of it I engage with other people.

For almost everyone who thinks they have a problem, some personal sickness, really has a bad social context, and blockages within their internal energy system maintained by subtle but continual contention, coercion, and constraints… and those who have problems, don’t stop to Reflect, or else, they would reform.

So, no: a Doctor doesn’t cure epidemics. A shift in social consciousness does… and that sort of mass marketing is the world of, well, a mass communicator, not a direct, one-to-one healer.

IMHO, the Gospels are quite informative that humanity cannot be saved, only a few who choose for themselves to put first things first, and zero in on what is within them, and spread all around them.

Plus, medical school is more expensive than the schools I actually wanted to go to, but couldn’t afford. So…

I would recommend three books, however.

Chi Nei Tsang, by Mantak Chia.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by ….Robert T. Kiyosaki / Sharon L. Lechter, C.P.A.

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

Those three should help anyone to, with dedication to thoughtful reflection on their principles and stories, build better health.


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