The Recovery of the World War Wake

The World

Previously, I mentioned some things that may seem “old” and “obsolete” even, or especially, to repeaters who work for a salary in the field of computing.

This is because there is a vast gap between a professional who comprehends the truth of their situation, and a repeater who acts as a super-robot, and most writings are written by super-robot for other super-robots, and the perceived robots whom they dominate.

The Quiet Victims

Human beings are not even considered to exist, by most of these super-robots. If they did recognize this, then they would have Reflection.

It is not that their form refuses to cast an image in a mirror.

Rather, the lack of engaging in the activity of Reflection causes one to “not have [any] reflection”. The verb, abstracted to a concept, rather than the viewable image, virtual but visible, is what is meant by “they are loosh vampires, without reflection”.

In visual media, and literate media written for concrete thinkers with limited imaginations, the metaphor was corrupted.

The Recovery

So it is from reflection (the process) that my concern with the human factors involved in applying science comes about.

The War against being human

We already live in a world where people choose not to have children due to the fact that, despite being intelligent, willing to go the extra mile, certified, employed at “a good job”, they cannot afford “yet” to have children. This is a common concern.

As a society, as a group, they can never see something wrong with this, because groups cannot think. Groups can only follow, like Buffalo follow their leader, even over the edge of a cliff, during a stampede.

Rambling Widely, leaving keys to freedom in my Wake

Enron wasn’t an exception, Enron is the rule of groups: inability to thrive, suicidal. It wasn’t destroyed by whistle blowers, it was saved from doing more damage to the world, and to those human beings who worked within its domain, by those people.

Goliath wasn’t the exception, except that he was exceptionally stupid to bring a sword to a gun fight, and take off his helmet, giving David the big target for the headshot. David didn’t take his success for granted. Only when Goliath had been decapitated, did he finally celebrate his victory.

Similarly with Herod and John the Baptist, although some still worried later (without rational cause) that John had returned from the dead.

Miracles are made of rule-breaking actions, but victories are made of realizing your strengths and avoiding taking on weaknesses of protocol. David didn’t wear armor because it would make him, specifically weak. Normal troops had wider frames and training to wear it, but his agility and accuracy would have been inhibited by that same armor.

These ancient stories carry lessons today, yet we just sit by and say “yeah, it is true that Windows XP is old. We can trust the big corporation that says we need to pay in both money and information security buy renting software from them, rather than building our own or sticking with what works. They are our friends, and we must give our minds and futures to them. That’s the way we will afford to have children, and build the businesses we want. By submission and compliance.”

David didn’t get any praise from his government after he defeated Goliath. He had to flee and found Judah. An entire nation, built on people escaping from what was once a great nation. Similarly, the mainstream Jews are still waiting for Solomon to come and lead them into an era of prosperity, or perhaps give them that critical edge to finally rule the world. The fact that Jesus worked to elevate the individual and collectives of progressive workers who capitalized on their talents was a threat to their sustainability, so they censored his existence to keep people in the old way of thinking.

Similarly, on a personal level, we get a Job because clearly that ancient book doesn’t apply now. We have these electronic devices, which are “not television” but yet they force us to sit and watch dumbfounded and encourage us to buy things which aren’t bread.

Perhaps if we read or watch the right thing, we’ll somehow find a way to finally take control of our lives.

Sarcastic Conclusion

Clearly, to look within, to Reflect, isn’t going to work. That’s old.


I had intended to write something totally different here, but an essay is an attempt to write something which is unpredictable. Different from a booklet or such like, which follows an outline and aims at a particular “product space”.

In particular, I was inspired by the fact that they are already a lot of blogs which talk about the way forwards of individuals who want to leverage modern devices pragmatically, and who have a better view of things than the super-robots or “market droids” who want to sell not just products, but fear in place of Thinking.

You might like this linked article on the slow pace of technology, which compliments my interest in the C64 and PS2.


3 thoughts on “The Recovery of the World War Wake

    1. Well, I don’t think that big government or big business is the key problem, or that reflection is the total solution to all problems, but you did get the gist that reflection can be helpful. The key is activity based on conclusive thought, and that might very well lead to working with existing systems, including businesses and governments, to accomplish positive changes.

    2. Reading this over, I would have to take some time and properly restate some key points… but thanks for replying to it. And, yes, breaking some old habits will be necessary, but establishing great new habits, or routines, capabilities, characteristics, traits, are even more necessary. To know what those are, is somewhat difficult.

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