Within, Harmony (Druggle)

clear mind,
loosen coupling to things,
ride the waves,
stick to your worthwhile devotions.

Integrate your orders
with[in] the chaos of the sea [of consciousness and common creatures]
below your board,
your feet, your standard,
your path and plans.


Express what will shine,
consider what will be next,
review the plans day and night,
until the future witch you imagine
becomes the present under your Rei-gn.

Grow in this gnosis,
and know this:
The principles are discovered,
hire them with your time,
employ them with your effort,
and life more fully than any Zombie could.


It has been a while since I wrote any druggle for your entertainment public consumption. Druggle is our brand of poetry, which is meant to re-inspire by returning you to high thinking. By you, I mean, us, because I need this just as a cocaine addict needs their fix, or a runner needs adrenaline to keep the marathon going — but on the other hand, I moderate it, running sprints and resting a lot, rather than going for long periods on end, so that they are no health costs only fitness and wellness gains). By our, I mean the English language-group, although as you can tell, it is not common English, but some union of English and more universal symbolism.

The intrinsic characteristic (some might call it a trademark style, but the word “trademark” is misleading) of druggle is that the words point at a meaning which has no common word, and thus, they are twisted or modified to case a deeper ior higher meaning. When you can use a verse or passage of druggle to connect “heaven” of insight to “earth” of pragmatic application, then you have received the meaning and my work is done.

Hence, every druggle is intended ans a productive experience, a co-operation, rather than a consumable product.

So to help with that, I often make long notes to elucidate meaning, but perhaps I should instead show more of the fragmentation of humanity, for what was intended in those high words contrasts with the apparent context from which I wrote them.

I want to point out that I used the word “witch” line 2.1.4 in order to contrast with “maiden”, and show that the magic of life was now imparted to the body (or maiden) which previously was animated but not aroused nor consummated with the intelligent spirit of a righteous (ethic is a better word, commonly used), living human being. It isn’t a mistake, I didn’t mean “which”, and I used the feminine because the body is seen as yin, the spirit as yang. So it saved me from sounding a bit too Chinese/Asian, there (that’s my cousin’s domain).

We… continually interact in the creation of things. Wisdom lies in being grateful for this interaction. The vertical interaction with intelligent spirits is something the worker of any high craft is aware of, whether it goes by the name of witch-craft, priest-craft, or the art, practice, and craft of internal energy work and expression of insight by various creative means.

So for me, a priest and a witch are the same being (The Magician or divisor 1 in 27/1/4), but with different social prejudices attached to gender and whatnot. This doesn’t make those prejudices valid, but I choose gender for words and roles for characters not according to those traditions, but according to the translations from super-natural language of beings of high intelligence (although not always high benevolence nor high emotions). The meaning which you receive may vary depending on your mood, and thus, by reflecting on the druggs, the entire passage will act as the gnostic drug (le-drug-g-nosis), which is worth more to the person seeking to educate and express their essence than to the person seeking to store up profit, intellectual, emotional, or tactical, without knowledge of themselves nor appreciation for the fluid nature of higher truths.

That all being said, I feel as if these notes have said nothing, but perhaps we need to make more ado about the nothings of the world, and speak more nothing to bypass the folly of life-draining profit-seeking, so that we can all gain fully from social, indirect, and reflexive interaction, as living beings should.

For the strongest shout may be the silent words that bid the world to continue turning and the living beings to continue to restore, regeneration, rapidly evolve.


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