Happy 2015

Well, it is 2015, and I still do not use this blog very much at all. This is unlikely to change before next year, but for those who might be wondering, I am alive, and I am better than ever.

I started this year by taking a much-needed three-week vacation, most of which was spent with friends and loved ones, so I finally get to use that phrase to refer to my own social network, yah us!

Being silly is on the agenda for this year, as well as revamping the five-stage plan for absolute happiness (what most people tend to mis-translate as a five-year plan…).

So I won’t promise any more updates here this year, but I have been on twitter a bit and also keep posting friend-only stuff on LiveJournal, and elsewhere.

Stay frosty or lava-ground-empowered, or both as the case may be (Winter in Japan, eh?).

And I advise you to choose Love and Light(clear out all your shadows), and become coherent enough to be your own walking Logos.


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