Been a long time….

Sometimes I only bother to look over my past hobbies, like this blog, when I’m already going to sleep… and I often say, “hey, I should do more, but, when I get time…” but then society knocks and like any other cog in the machine of modern civilization, I answer.

We have more distractions now, but that doesn’t also mean we have more power. The same thing which we need now is what we needed thousands of years before: freedom and capabilities.

So, yes, I would like to redo this blog, update it, and even create more things… but they are other things that I started also, and I want to bring them all together, and do what really works. For more recent info, you can check out my personacousin’s blog, which has random “philosophical” mostly posts on dreamwidth. Ken Adams, a combination of at least three concepts, made apparent flesh.


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