Update for 2013 (State of this Blog)

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this soon after I post it, and Happy New Year to those who read it sometime in 2013. For those who read it even later, well, please comment on here, from your perspective, as I have no idea what such a far time in the future will look like for my “Internet Persona”.

David is not just an Internet Persona, though; it is also a name I use in real life, although only with a social group that I met within a certain time-span. Some people don’t really understand why I use that name, and for a while, I didn’t remember, either, but I think it’s obviously because I have some connection to the Old Testament. More precisely, with Psalmistry (writing of Psalms).

We can view Psalms as poems, but they were most if not all made to be sung… thousands of years ago… in another language, but for the past 400 years or so they’ve been sung by world leaders as well. Why?

Because they make amazing stuff happen. To be more precise, singing praises in a thankful, sincere attitude sets up such a shift in persona, environmental, and super-natural energy that it is amazing people don’t do it more.

In my own life, I have often gone for frightfully long periods of “darkness” where I do nothing of merit and drift alone unhappily… and one of the ways that I decided to break out of this was to dedicate myself (not fully, for that is impractical) to singing. Or, so went the theory. In practice, they are three main problems with this:

1. Internally, the darkness-seeking monster within often do not want me to sing

2. Environmentally, there is a bias to relying on people rather than God

3. Oh, look, a shiny but useless thing! *gets distracted*

This blogging thing has its own momentum, when it gets started… and I hope that we (me as a blogger and you as a reader and perhaps also a blogger or at least commenter) can develop a sort of sawtooth effect that lets us progress forwards by moving mostly back and forth (that makes a lot more sense if you can see a diagram of a sawtooth chain’s action in lifting).

Well, that’s my way of saying Happy Holidays… let’s hope and pray that the new year brings more progress, based on a stable, expanding foundation.

Also, just for fun, check out Psalms 69.


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