Singing 2

After reading over some of what I wrote before, and thinking a bit, I think I’ve found the crux of my problem.

I have really big ambitions, and haven’t been working towards realizing them… I thought it would be good enough to be above-average, but it isn’t. What I really need to do is to work on what I care about… and writing, honestly, isn’t something I want as a permanent career or anything of the sort.

For my purposes, writing is something best done before the fact (to plan) or after the fact (to record what happened).

Sometimes I have an idea, and I try to share it in written form… but in most cases, that is not only ineffective, but also, the wrong path for me to take.

If I plan to make something, then I should write only as a prelude to making it… and focus my time and efforts on the making of the thing, and neither on the idea, nor the plan.

So, that’s why I’m on an off with this blog… and with writing in general.

I still post on sometimes, but, mostly, I’m working to give myself the tools I need to cross over from a dreamer to a do-er.

Got a load of books, actually, been collecting some of them for years, but haven’t read most… yes, they’re technical, but, that’s exactly what I need, right now.


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