So, the other day, I tried to sing… well, I succeded at singing, my my definition, but by the definition of someone who knows music or just knows what sounds good, it came out totally horrible.

However, I don’t really mind. I think that with enough effort ior post-production work, anyone can sound talented.

So I’ll try a bit more later, but, I enjoyed the experience, which was totally novel for me… besides obvious stuff (like chocolate, and sex), I find it hard to think of things that I really enjoy as an experience… my whole previous life had been all about acheiving goals that, really, didn’t matter (“get good grades so you get laid off faster”), I mean, I’m cynical and stuff, and I want to learn the useful things (you should see the amount of business and technical books I’ve amassed, and my schedule to turn them into revenue), but I also gotta keep the stress levels low, and that means having fun… and being expressive, even if technically, far below “competent”.

I was gonan upload samples, but it is just to horrid… I will soon though, even if it is still horrid, just to have a laugh at myself.


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