Abandoning this blog….

This was a fun experiment in using wordpress, but I can’t think of a reason to keep updating this particular site…

See, for people who want to read what I write, there’s my pre-established LJ thing… and for random people looking for a random wordpress blog, I may start another one when time permits… as it is, I’m behind on all sorts of projects so I need to get on top of at least the major ones.

The minor trouble of clicking on a different URL (or adding the journal to an RSS feed) for people who don’t want to read my LJ… I don’t think the harm caused is that major as I wrote very few things here compared to the 2+ years I’ve been on LJ.

My next major step might be to have my own domain, but for now, I don’t see the profit in that… more control, yes, but, I don’t really aim to put anything important online right now…. if I do, I’ll probably use a platform based on wordpress for the writings, though… it is much more convienet than the LJ setup, although a bit lacking in some things such as support for f-list and communities, that’s because there is a different focus for a wordpress blog than an LJ account.

Basically, you use wordpress to tell the world something, but you use LJ to meet people of similar (or different) interest and develop deeper friendships. Or, I’ve heard you can use LJ for other stuff but that’s mostly what I use it for…

Any-how… relevant links:

My LiveJournal Journal (I guess you could call it a blog), dhyvd.livejournal.com.


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