The Great Minor Outdoors

This seems to be a random collection of short paragraphs, inspired perhaps by a stream of consciousness blost (blog+post -> blost) over at my livejournal (LJ) account. As usual for this blog, I’ll leave it up even if it needs editing and so on. Ambitious but random and sub-mediocre is the motto, so far.


Despite everyone talking about H1N1 (aka Swine Flu), I’ve been overall at my healthiest, youngest, and most mature, recently… and I realise that explicitly today. Hurray for major progress!

Near Beach Experience

I went for a haircut, and then went to the beach and sat on the sand. It was very relaxing, and I enjoyed the time I spent there… fresh air, gentle sea breeze, sound and scenery of waves crashing, and so on…

I didn’t go for a swim, because I thought the surf looked a bit rough for my preference (I learnt to swim in a pool; I like my water as still as possible).


They are a lot of things which I would like to work on, but for now, I am focusing on building my “physicogn”, which is physicog + network: mind-body connection, body, body awareness, cognitive based skills, social connections, connections within mental framework.

There’s a lot of “writing” I want to do, but for a lot of it, it is not words per se that I’m writing, but rather, structures in my environment. For example, a private place where I can study, and … many other things which, if I talk about them, I wonder, why am I not working on them right this minute?


I realized that loving self-talk is critical to making major progress. Minor or temporary progress can be made by using an action-oriented, reflexive plan… but for deep changes which increase parameters such as vitality, fitness, well-being, capability, confidence, cohesion… what is needed is, first of all, very good preparation… part of that involves taking action and shifting viewpoints away from perfectionism, but without being aware that perfectionism is a from of self-judgmental destruction of one’s own self, the shift would never happen, even as internal stress reduces interal ease.


Life should be full of ease, not dis-ease.

A common saying is “we all have our crosses to bear”, or another, that “life is constant suffering”… that’s bullshit, and I don’t care who said it… I don’t see anyone living and successful who maintains a high quality life whilst embodying a “life is hard” philosophy.

Creation Process

Moving ideas into reality is hard, mostly because of the ignorance involved. With experience, less decisions need to be made and questions are replaced by evidence… but at first, everything is unknown and may even seem unknowable.


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