Ignorance is less pain, more trouble

This was yet another streamed post, but I did a bit of formatting on it to break it down into subjects…


Running Away From Ourselves

It is fairly common to be running from yourself, nowadays… although television is less than a century old, we don’t question people watching hours upon hours of it, every single day… ignoring their own bodies and giving their attention away in the process. Then we have video-games, bars, and various other things we can use to be actively apart from ourselves.

Well, in my case, it is mostly watching anime… the more things threaten to bother me, the more I respond to ignore the pain rather than deal with the root cause. As a result, more trouble compounds, until greatly tragic things happen.

I laugh it off but I’m not happy.

Is Ignorance = Bliss?

Ignorance isn’t quite “bliss”, but it is less painful, in the short term…

Choosing to ignore things takes away the painful feelings such as being overwhelmed, being afraid, even being sad… but it also causes more trouble if what we’re doing doesn’t address the cause of the pain.

It is easy to fall into the trap of being miserable, focusing on the problem… simply identifying it is not enough to solve it, and starting at it with solemn intensity tends to only make the problem appear bigger. Time and energy should be focused on seizing opportunities, creating solutions, building bridges between the current and the wanted reality.

Being too “serious” (solemn) helps to teach us a false but prevailing sense of powerlessness. We lose the mental flexibility necessary to independently explore possibilities, if we keep our minds in a high-tension state.

Being playful is necessary to help out minds stay pliant, creative, and thus, retain the ability to get ourselves out of ruts.

Relevant Links:

  • Design should be serious, not solemn. (a TEDTalk but some nobody).
  • The Real Crisis? We stopped being wise (another TEDTalk on youtube, but a different nobody).
  • Why Play is Vital, No Matter Your Age (yet another TEDTalk, this time by a guy who watches animals play with each other and concludes that this would stop random shootings, if humans kept a playful lifestyle… oh, he said other stuff too).

There, I just saved you from watching the above videos and more importantly, from thinking up a simple philosophy to encompass them. You should ignore my philosophy and develop your own, however… it is good practice to develop your own opinions and disbelief everything at first.

How To Be Playful

Smile, first.

The smiling causes an emotional reaction… so from there, your attitudes and thought patterns immediately shift to being more playful, and away from critical, violent, or aggressive.

This doesn’t mean you’re any less intense or assertive… in fact, from this, you gain an immediate self-awareness and personal energy boost… the key is to then follow along and translate into some form of productive play.

How To Face Yourself

First of all, most people do not face their true selves, at all… so, be aware that what you’re doing is uncommon, and could even be considered abnormal.

On the other hand, every “top achiever” faces themselves, at least in major areas and of course in the area where they achieve “world-class” levels.

It is not enough to be alone, but being distracted causes instant failure, so start by being alone.

What is necessary is to spend time in communication with yourself.

However, since we are trained from young not to do this, indirect methods usually have to be employed to sort of talk to yourself via a proxy.

Writing in a style similar to this is one way of doing it; although I’m conscious that other people can read it, it is really more self-directed… so, my advice: try to write a philisophical blog, not necessarily about philosophy in the formal sense, but, just, describe something you’ve seen or observed.

The writing process forces you to be more self-aware than if your were reading, and much more than if you were watching a video (be it TV, YouTube, or whatever).

In Other News….

I totally dragged myself down into having a cold again. I saw it coming and not only ignored the signs but stretched myself out last night, rather than going to sleep early… I felt a bit energetic at the time but my body and brain needed to rest and refocus… and I needed to make decisions today which were easy to ignore because of the sickness.

Yeah, it sounds like I’m just randomly lazy but as I’ve been trying to describe, it is not “laziness”, if anything, being lazy is a symptom of a coping strategy which is sub-optimal for (actually, antagonistic to) personal growth.

So, I plan to repair all of my bad habits, primarily by forming one main good habit to replace them: high self-awareness.

Eh, but that plan is too vague… so I have gotten a few books and made a few notes on the details of how to do this.

This post hopefully at least covers the “why” and “roughly, how”… the “fine details, how” would vary from person to person, but should become revealed once you broaden awareness beyond the “lens” or farĀ focusing agent, of “ego”.

Okay, so, I’m gonna go try putting my plan in action, and recover from this sickness (meaning the physical cold).


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