Saturday Success

Well, today was a very… creative… day.

So much happened, and I had no idea that I could do so much in one day, esp. when I wasn’t really feeling 100% (about 95% at the start of the day, maybe 98% now… but I will hopefully be 100% or more when I wake up tomorrow).

Something to show for all this creativity, though, is somewhat elusive… I mostly did self-study in software creation and a few hours of writing.

Software Creation - Ultimate Medicine!
Software Creation - Better Than Cocaine!

Even a year or so ago, I found it hard to even write a single poem, so now that I’m writing whole pages of stuff, I feel a lot better… not that I’m competent enough to weave together a coherent story yet, be it fact or fiction, but I am so encouraged by the improvements that I am inspired to invest more in myself.


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