Fridays and Stuff

Okay, so, I think Chess is a better game than Checkers (known more commonly as Draughts in Barbados), but since few people even know how to play chess, and most people find it boring, I end up playing the latter more often as a casual boardgame. Or something which involves a high element of chance.

Two such games: Ludo and Backgammon.

I mention all of these things randomly, but it is worth noting that Blizzard has something to do with BattleChess, long before they did StarCraft (and the embrassingly inferior games they did after, like Warcraft 2 or World of Warcraft). Someday, hopefully soon, I’ll investigate further but… in keeping with random tidbits, there you go.

Although living in a world with more Chess players might be nice, on the other hand, I’m not actually a great Chess player, and I think people can take it way too seriously and take away all the fun… but they are enough players worldwide that finding an online game shouldn’t be that hard, eh?


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