Well, about “modern” health care….

Recently, I’ve been reading alot about stuff like “bipolar mania” and such-like, and I find it inspirational that many people have greatly improved their lives without the use of the medication such as antidepressants and so on, but with the use of responsible self-care and despite difficulties in finding local support for the time and effort this takes.

There’s a full story which I happened upon which illustrates that process well: link.

Well, I don’t really have such a dramatic story to tell, and more importantly, I don’t particularly think I have much to contribute in terms of helping others… but I do think that the way modern health care works is generally flawed.

It profits by sickness, not by health… compare traditional chinese medicine (TCM), where you pay them to keep you well or help make you stronger (esp. if you do advanced classes in qigong or other energy works). Qigong is so effective that it is officially supported by China’s national healthcare program, since it is a form of preventative medicine that has been scientifically proven to increase health (and thus, decrease the cost with a sick workforce would place on the country).

Now, I don’t really want to become an advocate for anything… but I would like to just put it out there that trusting others to take care of your health is usually the wrong thing to do. Health care professionals are usually making more money off of sick people than healthy people, so, no matter how much you want them to help you, they will help their own selves first, by insuring that you become a perpetual income stream.

On the other hand, even a TCM practictioner can only do so much to help you… if you’re convinced that you’re not a worthwhile person, then that’s gonna seep into every aspect of your being and be reflected in how you care for yourself (or, don’t care for yourself).

Moden society is becoming more and more run by virtual machines.

It may be a social worker that knocks on your door, a judge that commits you to prison or an asylum, but even if they are human bodies, when they say things like “just following procedure” or “I had no choice, it is the law”, then what is the difference between a true human and a Terminator-style robot acting  to take away your freedom?

First and foremost, however, we all need to fully acheive humanity.

We have to overcome…

…the “machine” which we are “programmed” to be since we were being raised as children, by parents, television, and wider society…

…the concepts of learnt helplessness (“I can’t do anything for myself, I have to rely on authority figures”) and self-sacrifice (“It is okay to work for others, but selfish to want something solely for yourself”, and “We have to find a way to contribute to society, not make ourselves stronger.”)  are hidden in plain sight and help us to remain stuck in ruts.

Unfortunately, I am still fighting to overcome these things myself, and live a life which I consider truely first-class human… so I was really going to just be quiet about this and talk only about more shallow things, if at all. After all, I can’t really help anyone else before I help myself, right?

Anyhow, I would just like to say that the way forwards is obviously to become more self-aware and self-educated about both mental and physical health, and not to just “trust the professionals” or “have faith in the system”.

The system it itself dead, and seeking to perpetuate the illusion of life by drawing away your personal time, money, energy…

…the only thing a dead thing can do for your health is take it away.

Now, for some links to something more helpful:

  • An interesting story about self-recovery (from information flood which comes with ego collapse) via private writings: link.
  • On May 25, remember the importance of having a Towel at all times: link.
  • On March 14, remember the power of Pi: link.
  • Long thing about a psychiatrist who is against biological psychiatry: link.
  • A funny-looking car: link.
  • Wikipedia article on Neidan, which is the general philosophy related to Qigong and such energy work: link.

Well, as you can see, I added in random links. Randomness is something I do well, although it is not an intrinsic part of me… just a persona, for now.


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