MLP – Murdoc and MacGyver

MacGyver is one of those “old TV shows” which is possibly in reruns somewhere, but no being made anymore… yet it holds a fold place in many hearts. I was actually surprised to realise they ere eight seasons of it… I probally watched less than 2 seasons worth of episodes and most of those were eons ago (I happened into a few of them recently, though).

Anyhow, I was doing some research on the topic and figured that I would use this blog for Mindless Link Propogation and also to summarize some info.

  1. Macgyver online has a list of the “macgyverism” which were used, in ever single episode: link.
  2. Wikipedia has a list of episodes with Murdoc in it (Murdoc is my fave anti-her): link.

And just because I don’t necessarily trust Wikipedia, here’s a copy of thiat list of episdoes with Murdoc:

Season 2 Episode 18 – “Partners”
Season 3 Episode 08 – “The Widowmaker”
Season 4 Episode 09 – “Cleo Rocks”

Season 4 Episode 19 – “Unfinished Business” (Appears in flashbacks only)
Season 5 Episode 06 – “Halloween Knights”
Season 5 Episode 12 – “Serenity”
Season 6 Episode 19 – “Strictly Business”

Season 6 Episode 21 – “Hind-Sight” (Appears in flashbacks only)
Season 7 Episode 03 – “Obsessed”

Okay, well, I have some issues with the Visual editor so there may be a ton of extra space there and stuff… I don’t feel like fighting with it for now.


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