Anime and More Anime

So, eons ago, I discovered “MyAnimeList”, which is great, because I’ve watched a lot of anime and would like to keep track of it in a public place… however, I totally forgot what my old account was, so I just went ahead and made a new one. This time, I even wrote down the info so I could find it again.

Now, I’m not sure, but I think this is a direct link to my humble anime list:

It so far just includes anime I finished this year, plus a few things I remembered by association (e.g. Black Lagoon, I watched at least last year, probally more like 2 or 3 years ago), and I hope to update it over time.

If I correctly recall, I watched classics like Ninja Scroll long before I even had Internet access… and actually, I’ve only had less-narrowband (I wouldn’t call this “broad” by any means) since… late 2007, I think. Before that, I watched most of my anime by renting, borrowing, or even via cartoon netowork (the old US adult swim feed was made of win… but that was eons ago, and I now neighter get the feed nor think that it is so awesome).

Well, as sad as I am that, in general, Japanese countries don’t export anime to the English-speaking world (actually, companies based outside of Japan have to take the initiative to liscence, translate, distribute stuff… which might be find if the countries are really seperate and there’s no competition, but with fansubbing and the Internet, can you really be so complacent and act as if borders still matter so much?), it hasn’t stopped me from accumulating a whole backlog of the stuff, and it is generally much more interesting than anything coming out of Hollywood.

Japan makes so much anime that even the directors there complain about it.

Well, anyhow, this was all totally random and pointless… which is why I put it here rather than somewhere that it would actually be read ;).


2 thoughts on “Anime and More Anime

  1. yeah ninja scroll brings back fond memories, way before i even knew what the internet really was. I have a movie review blog where I plan on reviewing some good anime movies soon, I just put up a Sword of the Stranger review up. Swing by if you ever get bored 🙂

    1. Yeah, it looks like you have an interesting blog there.

      Also, that “myanimelist” site seems to be down for now, so that’s rather annoying… hopefully it is just a temp. thing.

      I’ll read your reviews when I run out of stuff to watch or something, they seem to be well done.

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