Hello, perhaps.

Well, at this point, I actually expect never to use this blog. I made it just to post one supportive comment on a blog I found more or less randomly… I am aware that I could have just made a comment-only account, but I also have never used wordpress, and since it is free as in beer, I though I would take a look.

My ability to write, currently, is improving but not yet at the level that I am confident with. However, I am good at editing things since I somehow managed to pick up on the technical aspects of writing along the way. I have a perhaps weird hobby of rewriting technical manuals, but recently, they’ve become so annoyingly incomplete that it really started to bother me.

Something minor bothering me was surprising, but it lead to me remembering that I once had ambitons of creating my own technology products… and now I am far, far away from that and not moving in a direction that would bring be rapidly closer.

So I decided to change things, and in the process, found out that a lot was broken.

Nonetheless, I am good at editing so I’m working on my writing whilst still practicing my editing.

If you came here randomly or something, then it is perhaps sorta boring… although I have some sort of Internet presence, it is really just a side effect of my personal development project, so I currently haven’t built anything useful for people curious to find out more about me… so, this begins and also probally concludes my wordpress experiment. I hope it didn’t waste too much of you time.


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